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Aug 26, 2019
Apr 3, 2012
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From The Void.

Melancholy-Princess was last seen:
Aug 26, 2019
    1. megaky244
      hey again how are u doing today
    2. megaky244
      :D guess ill wish u goodnight ^^
    3. megaky244
      ah thats a shame :c maybe another time
    4. megaky244
      anything that can be done about that? hmmm
    5. megaky244
      *hugs close* sooo u about as bored as me? :p
    6. megaky244
      same but not many r on so not really chatting to sum1 except for u :p
    7. megaky244
      hehe good up to much then or just chattin? :O
    8. megaky244
      got a nice collection of pics there, how are u :3
    9. megaky244
      oh hi there nice to see sum1 online
    10. mrs.sexyles
      ^.^ hehe so ish you still busy or ish you free??
    11. mrs.sexyles
      It's ok I understand :3 life happens
    12. mrs.sexyles
      Ish we still playing ??
    13. mrs.sexyles
      Hehe yay ^.^ I'll send you a pm ^.^
    14. mrs.sexyles
      Mmm wolf you role play with me ^.^ I do miss it. Your always do fun creative and detailed ^.^
    15. mrs.sexyles
      I've been good but bored lately :/ very very bored.
    16. mrs.sexyles
      How have you been? ^.^
    17. mrs.sexyles
      Hey long time no chat ^.^
    18. caliloves2surf
      Have you gotten my pm?
    19. That Irish guy
      That Irish guy
      Welcome, nice to see someone else on here that's active =)
    20. That Irish guy
      That Irish guy
      Oh someone else who is still on here, hey how are you?
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    ~ Ello ^_^ My name is Nicole and i am a 25 year old Pansexual woman ~
    I have pale green eyes and very dark black hair. I have many piercings that i rotate in pairs, my favorites being nipples and belly button, in total i have tongue, both ears, both nipples, belly button, nose and clit piercings, with multiple different types like bars, rings and tassels.
    For those curious about what my body shape and tone is, i am fairly skinny with paleish skin, i have large breasts with small perky nipples, a nice big round ass and relatively long legs.

    My interested here are making friends, chatting and Roleplaying, which includes sex and non sex, S&M play, pain play, rape scenarios, bondage, monsters/aliens, most fantasy things and most things grounded in reality, i have very few limits so i encourage you to get wild and kinky! ^_^
    ~ Pm me for more details ~

    There are a few things i cannot stand, after a while people asking for my email or pictures of me gets very annoying, please don't ask. I will also not tolerate piss, scat, guro or vore in my Rp's, nor will i suffer text talk or terrible spelling. Please use the English language properly.

    ~ Thank you for taking the time to read this, it is much appreciated. ~

    ~ If you like what you see here, then feel free to Pm me or leave a comment ^_^ ~