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Sep 9, 2013
Aug 22, 2012
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October 21

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Read my signature! ._.

Mistress_Lani was last seen:
Sep 9, 2013
    1. Futa_whore
      Hello there. I'd like to PM you if that's okay.
    2. Clit Commander2
      Clit Commander2
      hey there hun its me clit commander, I had to make a new account cause I forgot the password to my other account.
    3. OnlyRookieEver
      Hello there I saw you sig and well I probly wont stand out at all but ya h e l l o :3
    4. RedAngel
      hello Ms. Lani sexy profile pic looking forward to playing with you sometime
    5. DiminishingReturns
      Nice avi, Lani. Has this place always been nuts? there is like over a million spam messages .-. ! I never seen so much spam in my life.
    6. antisora666
      Did you get my PM?
    7. Crimson Falcon
      Crimson Falcon
      Yea i got it ^^' maybe it's the connection? There a storm around?
    8. Crimson Falcon
      Crimson Falcon
      Messaging has been messing up on me lately, just wondering if you got my message ^^'
    9. Mistress_Lani
      Having lots of trouble staying logged in, for some reason. Just letting you all know.
    10. Wuffz
      My nipples are still in place, what happened? :O
    11. iceygod
      Hiya how are you doing there? *pokes your arm*
    12. advanced001
      I've been great x3 you? :P
    13. advanced001
      You came back? x3
    14. Wuffz
      Well, at least you got something to look forward to then. ^^

      Yeahhhh. Or you'll end up shaking your head in disbelief when you realize that everytime you close your eyes for the briefest moment you're seeing that big, throbbing cock of mine, knowing about all the pleasure it could give you. And you'll hate yourself for not being able to stop yourself from licking your lips... ;>
    15. Wuffz
      Male nipples are overrated anyway. So be my guest. ;>

      Again, a memory is coming to me. It's about a certain someone on a deserted island teasing the fuck out of me after we've crashed there. But I can't really remember how that turned out for her... ;>
    16. Wuffz
      I still think this wolf over can match your strength. Especially since I know a few weakspots of yours that'll rob you of any strength you could possibly muster. ;>

      I'm totally not surprised. That's how we work. 1st) You deny me sex, 2nd) I fuck you anyway, 3rd) you think it was so great that it was your idea right from the start. ^^
    17. Wuffz
      A shark, mhm? Not the kind of animal my furry-instincts would wanna mate with right away, but I'm open to new stuff. :>

      Yeah, pinning me down and riding me like a horny, cock-loving slut is totally a great way of denying me sex. o:
    18. Wuffz
      Belated birthday present? That's funny, because I still remember that blowjob you gave me on my actual birthday. ^^

      Since you're obviously new to the subject, I'm gonna be a good guy and teach you something: the interesting fact about dominating someone is that it doesn't really matter if the other party tries to deny the sex. If I want it I'm gonna take it. And you'll love it. ;>

      (Now I know why you wanna punch me. ;D)
    19. Wuffz
      Begging? Wait, that rings a bell. I could swear someone begged me to dominate her the last time she was around. Can't really remember her name, though. I think it was something like Leni or Lina or something like that... ;>

      That's because I'm always such a softie when girls beg me to do them harder, deeper, faster. Always makes me melt and give in! ^^
    20. Wuffz
      Go ahead and try it. You and I both know you'll end up doing something else as soon as you're somewhere close to that area. ;>

      And that's why you tend to melt as soon as you're lying below me. o:
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  • About

    October 21
    I'm a dominant RPer, currently not accepting pets/RP invitations.


    Dominance <3
    Long Bio:
    I love getting messages and comments, but if you truly want a reply
    from me you need to snag my attention somehow. I don't have
    near the time to reply to every "dominat me plz" message that I get,
    so stand out a bit!

    I roleplay, and I'm proud to say I can match any length RP you throw at me.
    I'm normally rather sweet, but that can change quickly if I know
    you prefer me a tad cruel. x3