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Jul 28, 2021 at 8:09 AM
Jun 20, 2011
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MrPHOBO5 was last seen:
Jul 28, 2021 at 8:09 AM
    1. Blackhawk
      Indeed you were right
    2. Transparent_Shadow
    3. MegaMan
      Hah I'm shocked you even come around here any more. You got a facebook so we can stay in touch?
    4. MegaMan
      Sup Dark, sorry things played out for you the way they have.
      How are you?
    5. MrPHOBO5
      Well that was tried, twice. It failed.
    6. Grey Dreams
      Grey Dreams
      I um, was looking at profiles, looking for some non-pervs to friend. Visited mod pages, and eventually saw your conversations with other mods.

      I kind of hope this forum gets purged of all the pervs. I'd like to be able to be a green name, you know?

      Anyway, I flag posts that are inappropriate on the forum. You know, you mods who are sick of this crap should resign and make your own forum or something. I'd totally join. Or at least ask Devin to make a different place for the pervs to go.
    7. Grey Dreams
      Grey Dreams
      Is there like, something wrong with the founder? I wanted to become a good member here, but... Well, no one posts much, and I can't do anything without getting sent messages like "Hey, your sexy, let me see your place, I don't care if your 14"

      I know you used to be a mod, so I'm just wondering if um... You can tell me if he is like, dead or something.
    8. fgcaptain44
      I've gone through the groups pages a little bit and have deleted a plethora of CP. Bestiality is illegal in 32 states, so I do clear those out as well. I will certainly be looking for your list. We have a lot to do and I manage more than the forums, so we're taking it one step at a time. Thanks for letting me know, though. I appreciate it.
    9. Ftlulz
      Pretty much because i was here during the time that all the shit occurred, i saw what happened.
    10. Scottish Legend
      Scottish Legend
      Uuuhh, a while ago actually, 'tis always what I aimed to become on this site.
    11. Scottish Legend
      Scottish Legend
      ............... >.>
    12. Scottish Legend
      Scottish Legend
      I can't view your old account. WhatisthisIdon'teven.
    13. Scottish Legend
      Scottish Legend
      Damn, I think everyone else would've been on your side. You seemed to be very good at what you did.
    14. MrPHOBO5
      I deleted mos of the porn groups and edited the porn out peoples
      Profiles. Devin demoted me and then banned me when I called him for what it was. He wanted to keep the porn leads and procrastinators.
    15. Scottish Legend
      Scottish Legend
      Why in the hell did you get banned for it?
    16. Scottish Legend
      Scottish Legend
      "I'd be getting rid of all those who decides to put their own privates on here" Hahahahaha. We're not allowed to get rid of that stuff.

      But hm, why was this thrown back in your face?
    17. Zeusy
      an ounce in the US would be $5-8 bux (depending on which state u live in)
    18. Owl
      They should make me a moderator. Cause I'd be getting rid of all those who decides to put their own privates on here,or even people making very nasty compliments to users who are barely in their teens.
    19. Blackhawk
    20. Zeusy
      How much is wut now.... excuse me I've been smoking pot again :P
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