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Jan 4, 2014
Mar 5, 2013
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city worker

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The Great and Powerful, from NY

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Jan 4, 2014
    1. takeasipwhydontya
      You're a dude, aren't you? I meant women by 'bitches.' yes... im a dude but ill dress up and you can fuck something
    2. Niftik
      I want to fuck something.
    3. Spitfire the pony
      Spitfire the pony
      Yaaaaaaaaaaay! I eagerly await your amazing cooking of the cookies! :D
    4. Spitfire the pony
      Spitfire the pony
      Oh, You have to go on Tuesdays, or else you'd risk running into no one at all.
      And he was indeed a hobo. Or at least he looked as if he was one. Overall, he made me happy. and That's all I ever wanted. Until of course he dies later that day, which ultimately made me sad.
      But it was on top of happiness, so it was weird.
      Can I have a cookie? What I'm asking...TELLING you.. Is to give me a cookie.
      Not please.
      Get me a cookie of suffer my wrath.

      ... He died of not giving me a cookie. Which explains why it was so weird for him to die. Cuz he made me happy. but he didn't give me a cookie.
      So it made me sad.

      ... Yeah.
    5. Spitfire the pony
      Spitfire the pony
      Oh, Did you get to meet the magically magic of magic-yness himself?
      He gave me a free autograph.
      On mah bewbs.
      I was happy for all the days forever until! just until! he diedz. Then I was sadz.
    6. Spitfire the pony
      Spitfire the pony
      Psssh. Outer space he says... I've been to pluto, froze to death, then came back to life.... you know why? Just because.
    7. Spitfire the pony
      Spitfire the pony
      Ahhh... Sorry, The Wizard Of Oz has never really been on my favorite's list. ._.

      Eh... Nothing! Nothing at all! It's something I thought I'd have fun with, but realistically, I'm just fretting over stupid things.

      In short... It's SOMETHING... A THING... A GROUP!... That I made up. :D
    8. Spitfire the pony
      Spitfire the pony
      Hmm... I see.
      Well, Hopefully, in due time, you'll be feeling of the utmost greatness.

      Though... I am slightly curious towards what you spoke about regarding a pole up your back... May I please know what you meant by that? If you'll indulge me that is.
    9. Spitfire the pony
      Spitfire the pony
      Personally, I think it was the rants you're spitting out on your own page.
      I like them, and overall, make me think you're with the Magical Alliteration Of Deathly Death Death, or M.A.D.D.D
      Either way, May I ask how you are doing this fine morning?
      I, myself am doing considerably fantastic, due to reading the utter truthfulness just spewing out of the "Adolescent gays and lesbians" Rant that you spoke about down below on your page.
    10. Spitfire the pony
      Spitfire the pony
      Ooooooh Holy hot damn!
      You're fucking intelligent.
      That, my good sir, Is incredibly rare to find on this site.

      That might've sounded sarcastic, but it wasn't... heh.

      Hiya there :D
    11. Niftik
      Everything is a dead end. EVERYTHING. What the fuck. I can't keep putting energy in every direction when none of it comes back to me. I stand in the river for hours, and I feel a little better, then five minutes with humans and their mental sickness sends me right back into hell. Are you trying to turn me into a self-hating cheater of cheaters? It won't work. I am righteous as the Sun.
    12. Niftik
      Well, aren't you demanding. Maybe I will draw something, but my computer's being far too shitty to scan anything new right now, so I'm uploading some older pictures.
    13. WOLFII
      Draw some thing
    14. Niftik
      What's with all the self-contradictory messages all over people's profiles? Someone will be all like "I love sucking dick!" and then say they're an exclusive lesbian. That's not actually how it works, girls. Then this other bitch will be in five "meet and fuck" groups and complain all over her profile that perverts keep messaging her. Huh. I wonder why! Some people are really fuckin' stupid.

      On that note, why is most of this site devoted to lesbians and adolescent gay guys pretending to tentacle-fuck each other? Did that happen gradually? I wasn't there, so I really don't know. Somebody mentioned it started with porn games, so that could explain it.
    15. Niftik
      That wonderful morning when your insomnia causes indigestion...
    16. Niftik
      Man, I'm awesome. I can't believe that someone as cool as me is actually real. If I had a friend like me, I'd hug them all the time. It's amazing that this niche has been open for so long.
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    city worker
    The most important thing about me is my love for bitches.

    drawing furry porn, running, cooking, playing with animals, bitches

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