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Jan 10, 2014
Jan 9, 2013
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n00b, from HîDDξN RΛÎN VÏLLÂGΞ

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Jan 10, 2014
    1. MidnaAllnatural
      I only tell people to hack people who deserve it.
    2. The Sims
      The Sims
      Hehe my accuracy right now is 30.16% which may seem bad but it is actually quite good, I am prestige 10 level 75. I have decided to stay at 10th prestige so I can unlock everything
    3. The Sims
      The Sims
      I dunno why I have xbox when ps3 is free online lol but anyways is the gameplay still exactly the same on the wii as it is ps3 & xbox? Like can you still quickscope etc
    4. reezo93
      Nice one to the sims about him not being able to afford a shirt I thought of saying that too lol
    5. <<PAIN>>
      --- People, dont tell me not to hack or other crap like that, your not my mom ---
    6. david johnson 1975
      david johnson 1975
      you shouldnt be hacking anyone on any game console for any reason it isnt fun and its an invasion of their privacy and account and it isnt legal
    7. The Sims
      The Sims
      But do you have an xbox? I am just a troll so dont take offence, I mean nothing by it :) It must be easier to hack on Wii than xbox then.. But I have came across people who have like 7:00 kd ratio, and there is no way anybody could have 140,000 kills to 20,000 deaths xD Mine is around 1.28 at the moment, I only use sniper rifles (quickscoping)
    8. The Sims
      The Sims
      Hahaha you tested me, yet you still spelt "collage" wrong (college is the correct way) Unless you were talking about art... And how do you have the authority to ban people? Hacks and mods are good sometimes, but if you played the game properly maybes you would become a better player than what you are now, not that I am saying you are bad..
    9. The Sims
      The Sims
      It's actually spelt "grammar" >.< I think you need to spell check before posting hehe you were too quick to speak on that one!! I just don't get why you noobs feel the need to use hacks, there is no enjoyment
    10. The Sims
      The Sims
      Haha I do agree with you on needing a new phone :) And you must be such a pro gamer using hacks and mods.. I would not need to give you a demo as you already the expert. You are the noob 'mate'
    11. The Sims
      The Sims
      Your clan is purely shit, as you're all a bunch of hackers.. Get an xbox, I will show you the ropes ;)
    12. <<PAIN>>
      If you want HΛÇKΞD stuff for Black Ops on the Wii, pm me, join my clan and I will "help" you..
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