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Mar 11, 2020
Nov 3, 2006
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Mar 11, 2020
    1. Spitfire the pony
      Spitfire the pony
      Can I have a cookie please?
      Of course, by "cookie" I mean an admin.
      A living, breathing, forum creating admin.
    2. Blackhawk
      Hi Petr. Just wondering if you considered my request about being promoted??
    3. Blackhawk
      Hi Petr. What are the chances of myself being promoted. I just need more help on the site. It's tiring doing it pretty much solo. I would like the ability to promote more mods.
      I don't want to touch the programming side of the site cause i have no idea about that
    4. MidnaAllnatural
      can you change my name?
    5. qwertyuiop1234567890
      how do you get to be a mod and can i pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssssse be one?
    6. DiEnd
      can you delete my account pls because i dont want to use it anymore thank you
    7. Cameroncrazy
      Dude how doez u getz to be a taco turtle i mean moderator
    8. Rawr Girl
      Rawr Girl
      Hey , can you please fix the reputation forums please ?
      Thanks if you do. :D
    9. troubleloggingin
      Hello. I seem to be having trouble logging into the account I made recently. Would you be able to help me with that?
    10. Scottish Legend
      Scottish Legend
      New mods. PLEASE.
    11. mclovin20
      hi petr hope you're ok disregard my last message as I have found a way around it thanks anyway though
    12. mclovin20
      hi petr hope everything's going well for you, i'm having some trouble accepting people into one of my groups i have 13 people trying to join slave rp or c2c and everytime i try and accept them the link just takes me to an empty page do you think you can help or is it a problem with my computer? any help will be greatly appreciated
    13. horndog_69
      hey, can u ban zdallasz? i found out that the number she claims is hers actually belongs to someone else. who is 13. so please, help out this poor girl by removing zdallasz. thank you
    14. DarkStar
      Petr. I am begging you.
    15. imlookingforsomeone
      Heya, it's been a while since I have been on this site. I'm trying to get back in contact with someone I met ages ago, must have been 5 years or so, on this site. I only know the e-mail from back then, which is out of use now. I was hoping that it was the same e-mail used to sign up to this site. If I gave you the e-mail, could you tell me which profile it came from, there may be an e-mail there that is still in use. Its a long story, but I knew her really well, then had to leave town and lost contact with her for a few years, and was hoping to contact her again. Message me if it is possible. Cheers.
    16. DarkStar
      Petr. Once again this is a plea for you to add more moderators to the forum. If you check my recent threads you will find a list of groups that are either indecent, illegal or offensive. I beg of you to do something before the place dies completely.
    17. Blackhawk
      Uummm Hi, Do you need more Mods
    18. squashy693
      Speaking of spam *refers to comment that's really old * BE ALIVE AND THROW A MIGHTLY BAN HAMMER AT DOUCHEBAGS....and such, kgo
    19. Blackhawk
      My god you get spammed a load of cr*p. So i thought i would join in lol
    20. Sk Jano
      Sk Jano
      sorry ,Petr ,že sa ťa to spytujem ale si cech ?
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