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Jul 12, 2011
Apr 14, 2011
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666 I'll cut your dick off lane!!!!!
being sexy, HATING ALL MEN.....Check out my privat

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READ MY BIO!!!!!!!!, from 666 I'll cut your dick off lane!!!!!

Sexy_Blonde was last seen:
Jul 12, 2011
    1. skeetskeet69
      Lol demon13 that was funny, however she/he hasn't been on since 2011
    2. Demon13
      I love when chicks go lesbian over some assholes, then threaten to cut all other men's dicks off. OVER THE INTERNET! Seriously, I get that some douchebag hurt you, but going a satanic Lorena Bobbett (Look her up if you don't know her.) Isn't doing you any favors. As you can see, lots of guys are still trying to talk to you, and you've probably convinced a bunch of the lesbians that your crazy violent. So, congrats.
    3. sexybitchangel
      tinyurl.com/oduxay2 Check this out everyone :D Free Steam Games. Just found it ;p
    4. mrcamguy
      hi, your sexy ! lol. fancy talking to a young guy from Belfast on msn or facebook maybe ? :D
    5. TheProudNerd1994
      you can try if ya want be noted there is a katana and about 12 different knives in ur way of my junk :)
    6. DeBOMBs66
      um... seriously do you think all guys cheat you, and not to be rude but i think it same with woman cheats on guys, like saying this one girl who wants me to pay her because her mother is in the hospital asking like 1million dollars, and secound i was dumped by my girlfriend because i had no knowlodge with girls, so email me at hung.bryan99 then add @ then add yahoo add then.com, so we can talk about this
    7. CyrilAir13
      Hmm, I read your bio, and I also read a few of your VMs and I agree with the last 5, its just most guys who are like that, there are a few who arent, I would like to think that Im one of those few but honestly I wouldnt know since my 1st ex dumped me for some other guy barely a year after we started dating, and my 2nd and last ex pretty much acted like she only wanted sex from me, long distance relationship but still the point remains, not an actual relationship
    8. DeBOMBs66
      Look miss, i can understand that guys cheats you, but it doesn't me all guys are bad, and i am not one of the because i get cheat on all guys all the time because i am not that smart and i respect woman, but i don't know what woman wants, so if you were to talk to me, you know i am nice, but lack of experices in everyway, but if u do like me regredless, how stupid i am, then we can be friends, email me at hung.bryan99 thenn add @yahoo.com for more info and like i said i read your bio and you hate guys, because they cheat u, but i also been cheat both by men and woman, so i know how it feels like
    9. jumbojones
      My ex used to constantly accuse me of cheating on her and i never even looked at another woman, made my life hell, don't put us all in the same boat as the cheating scumbags. You go with dickheads and a dickhead is what you get!!!!!!!!!!
    10. JL1990
      i know u said no guys, but does that include ones that want to chat .... and thats it?
    11. Devious Lover
      Devious Lover
      Lol I find your profile insulting.. don't blame all men because you choose the douche bag. were not all cheaters.. plus women arnt known to keep their legs closed that much either.
    12. Kal-man
      I'm sorry that so many men have lead you so far astray. Of course, I can't speak for all men, but I do sincerely apologize. I'm sorry that they've hurt you.
    13. KalinDDknox
      hello sexy(:
    14. bethy_wants_girls
    15. terra8
      hey there i'll add you =D also happy newyear
    16. LilMarissa
      Hey there
      I'm Marissa, how are you
    17. BiHornySlut
      hey sexy
      you alright?
    18. furrygirl
      helllllo sexy...;)
    19. rougesexy<3
      hay there :P
    20. littlekitty46
      hi bby your superr sexii if u want to have some fun sometime pm me
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    666 I'll cut your dick off lane!!!!!
    being sexy, HATING ALL MEN.....Check out my privat
    I've been lied to and cheated on too many times, so GUYS DON'T TALK TO ME!!!!!!!!! All girls welcome

    Dancing, golf, girls, shopping, being sexy, HATING ALL GUYS

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