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Sgt. Slaughter
Aug 4, 2012
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    1. merkin8r
      lol ... love your work Sgt ... Austen 3:16 all the way ... :thumb:
    2. The Sims
      The Sims
      Everything you say all adds up !! Good work detective :) At least someone has a fucking brain on here lol
    3. Nikkibaby2019
      He has pics of of tumblr 0-o
    4. Blackhawk
      I would, but they hardly come online.
    5. Blackhawk
      Only Admins have the authority to Mod someone
    6. Blackhawk
      That's fine. but i don't have the time to do that
    7. Queen
      Think whatever you'd like, dear. It really has no impact on me, so have at it.
    8. Queen
      You're moronic. I'll delete unpleasant, accusatory comments from my profile regardless of the nature. Find something better to do. As fulfilling as your self-entitled role of internet defender must be to your precious ego, you're nothing but a hindrance.
    9. Blackhawk
      ok, but what about the fakes that don't have any pics up?
    10. Blackhawk
      And how do you suggest we figure out the fakes from the real girls?
    11. Queen
      Maybe because I used to live in London until shortly over a year ago. Now I could easily explain my entire living arrangement to you, or I could just as easily ignore you from this point on. I think I'll go with option B.
    12. Blackhawk
      Dear Sir.

      Could you please see it in your heart to stop leaving messages on other users profiles about them being fake.
      It is up to the Admins and Mods of the site to determined who are the fakes. And last time i checked you weren't Admin or a Mod

      Thank you kindly
    13. ryszard124
      U need to shut the fuck up man. There are women on this site your obviously gay or have ADD. SO this is just your way of getting attention since on one else will talk to you.
    14. Naughty_Slut
      Oh and i do believe that there are girls in greece whose names are Denisis and maybe even there's a girl in greece called denisis that looks like me...who knows :rolleyes1: And i dont think i have to prove anything to you cuz you are nobody and i have already proved who i am to the people i care about so if you want to talk to them and want them to prove you...PM me ;)
    15. Naughty_Slut
      So you say that there's not even one real girl on the site and all the girl profiles are FAKE and actually are GUYS...that get off to messages from other guys ??? :confused: well what of a sick mind you have to be to do this ? and actually i hear this for first time...maybe you're the one that's doing this so to say it :thumb: Anyway im just wondering why are you trying to convince everyone that im FAKE and all the girl profiles are FAKE...maybe at the end you'll say that girls don't even exist ? :shocked: Seriously can't you just have fun and stop hating on people cuz after all you dont get paid to do it...right ? :)
    16. Naughty_Slut
      Why are you hating so much ? or you're just trolling cuz i saw you saying the same stuff on other ppl profiles and you're pretty annyoing and i believe you deserve a ban or something...so go hate in some other place.btw Greek girl called Denisis ? nice one :D
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