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Aug 4, 2018
Jun 5, 2011
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., from Ontario. Yep in Ontario we only have winter and co

smexyfireman was last seen:
Aug 4, 2018
    1. The_black_kid123
      it's alright, it happens! i'm good thanks, and yourself?
    2. sapphic_paradise
      I'm good, thanks! And of course you can :)
    3. The_black_kid123
      Hi, how are you! :)
    4. AxelV
      Getting looks? X3 and Maybe... and maybe it is I dunno I try to understand the people that I come across :3 Lol Diablo three :/ I never heard of it. I'm a huge fan of corpse party though XP
    5. xxBeautifulBxtchxx143
    6. AxelV
      Lol then call me a not generic nickname :3 You have a beard? X3 As for me almost no one hits on me, a lot of people call me adorable and stuff but not to the point where I am actually touched and stuff... well actually that has happened a few times X3 and yeah girls are mostly unwilling to say anything about how they truly feel, they want to be "swept off their feet" normally which means in the straight world (lol) you do the asking lol and to be honest human sexuality isn't that hard to figure out for me at least, and hints? Er well you sound pretty much like a typical guy XD but to be honest it's not hard to figure out and what game are you playing? :3
    7. AxelV
      Third VM: What did I say about calling me "man" *facepalm* I hope you had fun playing your D3 thing ^^
    8. AxelV
      And the second VM: Lol a beard I would never but that's funny and that's a funny story XP I am glad that you like my arms.. and yes we all have ups and downs but I will always improve myself... some flaws are nice but I hardly want any
    9. AxelV
      Lol if you are red I am dead it rhymes I'll give you that ^^ and yeah if I think about something sometimes it happens, but most times when I think about something it doesn't happen so it is the opposite for me sometimes... I don't know why... and I wanna be 130, but gay guys like all kinds of guys and girls can like skinny, it depends on your face too, I am gay but I know what girls like in guys and what certain gay guys like in other guys lol :3 I am a femboy though (trying to be lol and I like all different kinds of guys) basically what I am saying especially for a straight guy don't worry so much about your weight how you look as a whole is more important if you know what I am saying (and you are right being gay is not a choice but damn am I grateful that I love men >///<)
    10. AxelV
      I will be back later ^^
    11. AxelV
      I am glad ^^
    12. AxelV
      Yeah I know >,< and it takes a lot to piss me off too ^^ and what's so bad about red? :3 Right right, I can't get stressed over something that is yet to happen and then worry myself sick... and Anorexia is awful ugh... and skinny isn't bad I just want to be a healthy weight now... and low self esteem is an always for me and cockiness XDD and yes I see... but will that change how you really feel about yourself?
    13. AxelV
      Oh and I sent you a friend request please accept ^^ I like talking to you
    14. AxelV
      Maybe I am too young :/ and thanks I take the first part as a compliment, Nothing good comes from physical issues and government handouts are almost nothing anyways. and mental issues are bad and ADD and some OCD is very slight you don't have much to worry about, and please PLEASE do not call me "man" it is a HUGE pet peeve of mine sorry >,< as for mental issues I had a lot of self destructive ones like anorexia and such... I never felt good enough always thought my appearance was never good enough still think that way... and shitty hands? I know it sucks mostly... I wish my family was better and with the part about death there might be something after I hope too... and right some things might not come and lol sometimes I go over 1,000
    15. AxelV
      Lol I am American but I just do things differently and think much differently than typical people here X3 and yeah the world is full of problems might even be boring without them I agree but too many problems is a bad thing everything has some light in the end I know... but certain things like being ugly and having a physical or mental issue are just terrible things without a bright side for the most part there can be some exceptions... and yeah... I guess death does end everything but when you die does it really end all your problems? I don't know... and the hand I was dealt? ugh...
    16. AxelV
      Lol I don't know what being Canadian has to do with it heehee but yes they had to do so much more work than people now and had to worry about living on a day to day basis I am grateful to be living in the time period I am in now at least we have technology... but there are still many problems no matter where you go no matter the technology no matter the circumstances some more severe than others though, I wonder what it would be like without any problems...
    17. AxelV
      Nah don't apologize, really. I liked what you said actually yes it is especially hard now... in almost every way that is why I have taught myself to not expect anything at all and that I must be doing something wrong if something does not work out, but I know that isn't healthy, plus it might help people around me too thanks, talk about rambling I think I wrote more than you lol
    18. AxelV
      Thanks I know I shouldn't be negative though...
    19. AxelV
      I see, thanks for that advice now I have to decide whether or not to take it....
    20. sexy_val02
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    Hey everyone, I am a bit different from the normal guy but I don't think that's a bad thing. Anyways, I always enjoy a good RP so feel free to PM me. Thanks for reading all of this and Don't forget to say hi.