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straightedge boy
Last Activity:
Nov 6, 2014
Nov 5, 2011
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Nov 24, 1995 (Age: 25)
Newcastle Australia
puppy slut slave/Wreaslter/to plz daddy

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straightedge boy

gone tomorrow, 25, from Newcastle Australia

straightedge boy was last seen:
Nov 6, 2014
    1. hiii95
      Adam is alive and looking for rp buddy's. He has forgotten his password and the sight isn't sending messages yes so you can find him on kik as werewolf Adam. He is open to anything.
    2. hunghorse
      Hey suga what up
    3. straightedge boy
      straightedge boy
      tomorrow ill be the last time i will be on here fully i will return once to make sure the people i want to take to have a way to speak to me
      but i really don't want to so do it before tomorrow so i don't have to return to this site
    4. sexboy19
      I won't. I love him to much to hurt him.
    5. straightedge boy
      straightedge boy
      ok guys and girls there something else i need to bring up

      couple of people are complaining that im taken and have stopped talking to me

      sexybeast99 you the main one if you don't want to talk to me again then our friendship is done
    6. straightedge boy
      straightedge boy
      ok ive been telling the truth a lot lately i no longer have a stop from my head to my mouth so from now on the werewolf will tell you all on funny games what i think about topic be more then welcome to ask me on a topic and i will reply what i think

      i was asked today what do i think about dating on funny game to dating in real life.

      girls and boys Dating someone you can't touch and hold is NOT dating so many of you have lot you can ofter off this site but lack the will or back bone to do it.

      if you date off this site you will end up feeling more alone and more hurt then if you where dating someone in real life. Take from i used to date off this site so i didn't have to move on from losing my first boyfriend to a car crash but this is not healthy.

      Funny games should be used for lovers of online role playing,furriers and having something to relax you when you have be stressed.

      People get used to this type of stuff if you do not like it block me.
    7. Wolfman22
      Hey sorry I was gone for a while I had finaks
    8. AuraTyphlosion
    9. straightedge boy
      straightedge boy
      wow ive been back less then 24 hours and im pissed off a former lover name deadblow666 who i waited to return to skype has been on here all along

      You are a fucking asshole lair burn in hell
    10. AuraTyphlosion
      How you doing?
    11. straightedge boy
      straightedge boy
      Boys and Girls i have returned to FG warning i have chanced alot with two massive things
      first i am proud to say i am a taken man i have a wonderful boyfriend in RL who im around quite alot so i cant always be on here like i once was sided note I am his RL puppy and he is my RL master

      2nd one has to relate to on here i am also owned in RP by my wonderful DADDY Hiii95 so you will have to ask him about using me (i rule i made to get him to let me back on) i am his and his only so every one treat him with Respect or puppy gets taken away from don't say i didnt warn you

      but besides that i happy im back im will champion kicking ass and im still that subby little pup i always was so hello everyone
    12. AxelV
      I know I'm weird hopefully in a good way :3
    13. AxelV
      Heehee I know XP I am not transgender though... but I thought about it a few times to be honest, but I really don't wanna be a girl, I just am happy being a femboy :3
    14. AxelV
      Haha I want to be girly because of a lot of things, it's fine if you don't get it, but I take pride in being weak and such :3
    15. AxelV
      Oh and what do you think of my new profile pics?
    16. walksthenight
      Congrats man!
    17. straightedge boy
      straightedge boy
      hey everyone i cant put photos up lame right but im looking a furry wolf with a championship belt for me to put up so can you pm me a photo if you find one try to have clothes on it
    18. hardifyouknowhatimean
    19. straightedge boy
      straightedge boy

      it wasn't meant to be a championship match but Backlash come out and started running his mouth how i could never beat him and he said he would put his championship after getting my ass handed to me one Wolf Spear one Wolf Spear and a 3 count and that asshole who be champion for 300 days my one mistake and i took it from him

      thank you for my well wishes im the youngest Champion in the history of the NHW
    20. walksthenight
      Good luck man! While the man himself has gone back to his homeworld, may his Destrucity live on in you!
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    Nov 24, 1995 (Age: 25)
    Newcastle Australia
    puppy slut slave/Wreaslter/to plz daddy
    No just No
    PS3 Name:
    well 18/m/gay owned and have boyfriend

    singing and songwriting


    The Werewolf Has returned

    Stand all in what you believe
    Be a leader not a Sheep
    BE a Wolf

    The war cry of the one and only Werewolf

    Daddy Hiii95's loving puppy fag