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Sep 13, 2016
Mar 9, 2008
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Dec 12, 1990 (Age: 30)

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[Heart o' Gold], 30, from Canada.

Tehman was last seen:
Sep 13, 2016
    1. Tehman
      Alright, you wanna be like that? I'm going til Canada's Sunday, you chicken! D:
      And eh, Mondays aren't too bad. Tuesdays are the worst.Most random day of the week. Monday, first day, Wednesday is middle of the week, Thursday is the day before Fridy, and friday is awesome. Tuesday is just random and left out. xD
    2. Ze-Pirate!!
      Haha, two can play at this bullying game!!
      I will be a bully on a Monday, 'cause everyone hates Mondays. :P
    3. Tehman
      Haha, no I wasn't! What are you talking about? I'm a nice kind hearted, giant. I would never bully you! (: :P
      And my taunts turn you to alcoholism? Now I feel bad. You're blaming me for your pirate natural tendencies! That is so not cool! :( YOU should be ashamed of yourself. D:
    4. Ze-Pirate!!
      I wouldn't share my rum because you were bullying me just before that.
      Your taunts turn me to alcoholism, Tsk Tsk. You should be ashamed! :O
    5. Tehman
      It doesn't matter. The parrot can't know everything that's going on. It's only a bird, cut it some slack. Jeez :P And haha, I guess, I'll agree... :P You're not TOO bad of a pirate. A nice one? You wouldn't share your rum in the first place. You were mean! D:
    6. Ze-Pirate!!
      It said something completely irrelevant to what they were even asking the guy!!
      Therefore a failure. But unlike me, I'm the most swashbuckling pirate around.
      And a nice one, I share my rum!! :O
    7. Tehman
      You SO are. D: Sorry but being your friend, I have to be honest with you. It's my job. (:
      And don't worry, Sunday is over [for you] in two minutes. :P Lucky you. Heh.
      And eh, it still COULD communicate so it wasn't completely pointless! Ha! :P
    8. Ze-Pirate!!
      I am NOT a failed pirate!! You bully!! D:
      I wish Sunday was over already! >.<
      But the parrot in the movie, was completely fail,
      it couldn't even communicate properly for the poor guy with no tongue!!
    9. Tehman
      I never said pointless. You're putting words in my mouth! D: Annoying, maybe. But still. :P And well, you see? There was at least one! They got the folklore right! So eh. :P
      But still (pirate) coming from you, doesn't work. You're the failed pirate. :( So it doesn't mean anything. :P
    10. Ze-Pirate!!
      Nick, we both agreed that parrots were annoying and pointless!! >.>
      How many parrots did you see in the VERY successful Pirates of the Caribbean movies?
      One!! And only cause the guy couldn't talk!!
      Therefore, (pirate) + (yum) owns your (D)
    11. Tehman
      Haha. Not that many people. :O :P And you will, now will you? I swear, I'll do it. D: Roasted chicken sounds yummy. :D Lol.
      Yeah, it would own my (D) if you weren't a failed pirate. :P I mean, no parrot? Come on! xD
    12. Ze-Pirate!!
      Well everyone that is online at the moment. xD
      I still stand by my statement that you would never roast me!
      (pirate) + (yum) own your (D)
    13. Tehman
      *Prepares the roaster* Over time! D: In front of everyone? There's like, you, Josh and I. :P That's a whole LOT of people, there. Big 3! :P (CD) Owns your (DHAT) Hah. I win (D) D:
    14. Ze-Pirate!!
      D: You would never roast me!
      Bullying me in front of everyone now are we?
      (DHAT) owns your plain old (D)!!
    15. Tehman
      You aren't food. Well technically, it is food but I think more of you as being an animal or a crustaceon :) And yeah, it is. You better not peck at me, or I'll roast you! I swear, I will! <.< :P
      And yeah, I can read time, ya know? It's one of my many great abilities :P Haha. And I shall. You beware (D) *Smiles*
    16. Ze-Pirate!!
      Yes!! Food has feelings!
      Shrimp is worse, so defenseless, at least chickens can fight with you a bit. xD
      That means you got approximately 25 minutes of bullying time left. Use it wisely.
    17. Tehman
      Aww, did the chicken get offended? I'm sorry. :( Out of the two, I'd probably have to say shrimp. But I'm just kidding around, you know that, I hope? D: :P And I don't know, coincidence, I suppose. And since well, I'm just SO nice. I'll stop bullying you on UK time, this time. (: *Smiles*
    18. Ze-Pirate!!
      That is so harsh!! >.>
      I can't tell what's worse, chicken or shrimp.
      What is it with you and naming me after food!?? o.O
    19. Tehman
      It's all good. N00b or not, you're still cool in my book. :P And what?!? Since when can chickens talk? I don't understand what you're saying..Cluck, cluck, CLUCK, huh? xD <.< Haha :P
    20. Ze-Pirate!!
      Yeah Emile, didn't you know? I am the biggest n00b in this place.
      Don't worry, I will be in disguise as a cool person so you can be seen with me. :P
      Sharing is always nice, and I think you are really mean bully on Sundays!! D:
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    Dec 12, 1990 (Age: 30)
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