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Sep 4, 2018
Feb 8, 2013
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Sep 13, 1994 (Age: 26)
The dirtiest corner of your mind (also Canada)
None of your business

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Pm me for my IM names, 26, from The dirtiest corner of your mind (also Canada)

TheProudNerd1994 was last seen:
Sep 4, 2018
    1. TheProudNerd1994
      Just wanted to let everyone know I may not be as active these next coming days. Have some stuff in the real world that needs dealing with.
    2. HappyTheCat
      Sorry, I have to go do something, I'll be back soon though, just thought you should know
    3. hornybigboi's sister
      hornybigboi's sister
      Hii there, how are you?
    4. TheProudNerd1994
      Feel free to send me a friend request when your on my page. i don't bite, unless you want me too ;P
    5. daddyslittlegirl
      love the new pics! ;)
    6. AuraTyphlosion
    7. TheProudNerd1994
      Every time i come on here i now have the expectations that the website is down. seems more often then not that it is.
    8. TheProudNerd1994
      2 things before bed. 1: a little bit of romace for any ladies who actually happen to click my page. the way i see a woman is ass before tits by eyes over everything ones that i can look into and read what you want like a book. second thing i sat down on my testicle.... poor lefty always taking the abuse.
    9. TheProudNerd1994
      People say im crazy i just tell them i haven't shot you yet so i guess your wrong.
    10. TheProudNerd1994
      With great pleasure comes the need to piss and the forgetfulness of where you put your pants. fk i hate that last part.
    11. TheProudNerd1994
      Aye i'm back. little worse for wear but that's life. whats up everybody. wow for once i cant actually think of anything profound to say. hmm strange...
    12. AuraTyphlosion
    13. AuraTyphlosion
    14. TheProudNerd1994
      nothing in the world can hurt me
      nothing can bring me down
      theres nothing in the world that i cant do
      not while standing next to you

      every little light ray
      every moment of everyday
      every mountain, hill, or stream
      it feels like just a dream

      when the world is at our backs
      when everything is pitch black
      ill take you hand and hold you near
      let my touch wash away all the fear

      you tear down all my walls.
      see right though me like an empty hall.
      you pick up every time i call.
      and you never judge me at all.
    15. TheProudNerd1994
      some things off my mind.
      Have you ever dug a hole and found out it wasn't deep enough... this is how i feel about every female ass i see.

      ta ra ra boom de aye... im feeling horny today... why not just join me... and ill make your scream happily.

      if it doesn't fit... use more lube
      cant tame that which is already wild but you can still try and mount it.
      if its wet slippery and sweet it has to be a good time... right?
      if it tastes like shit... turn the lights on you probably wandered to the wrong hole.
      whats 8 inches long hard and made of steel? a railroad spike ya pervert's <3
      i love you today... you'll have to stick around to see about tomorrow.
      if she doesn't first submit... lets just say i have a spare pair of handcuff's
    16. TheProudNerd1994
      You make me feel like.... ive been locked out of heaven... for to lo lo long for to lo lo long
    17. little Dragon
      little Dragon
      hi there, saw your fem dragons, they are really sexy :)
    18. Smiler_Greenwood
      hm, I don't know! D:
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    Sep 13, 1994 (Age: 26)
    The dirtiest corner of your mind (also Canada)
    None of your business
    I'm a straight male love the female figure. Sorry guys

    I have too many to count.