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Aug 3, 2011
Sep 7, 2010
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Let me get that for u, from was here, then I was there, now I'm here again

will_hj was last seen:
Aug 3, 2011
    1. MoogleMan
      Hey baby ;) add enter gaara on xbox live for a good time ;D
    2. sweet.heart.4life
      heyy thanks for checkin out my profile((:
    3. will_hj
      u and me both, lol, sad
    4. Andypoptart
      1 9u355 1 |\|33|) 7) 937 |_41|) 7|-|3|\|...
    5. Andypoptart
      Y0u |-|4\/3 l05493 0|= p0575 0|\| y0ur p493!
    6. Andypoptart
      AH! THANK YOU WILL! Usage of my method accomplishes things faster, doesn't it?
    7. Grimthewolf
      Thanks for dropping by my page
    8. will_hj
      Stop by my friend Andypoptart's profile and friend her. She's a bit bored and a little insecure over her recent lack of friend requests on this site.
    9. Kiandra Vaniel
      Kiandra Vaniel
      Maybe true. Yet now what if your wisdom is so much you recluse yourself from the works you'd learn from fear of loosing your wisdom or it being used against you. Paranoia follows Wisdom. Then Faith will form another evil of sorts, that be Ignorance. With ignorance is not such opening of views for you are just too focused. So let Passion and Strength rule!!!

      XD And no one is imune to mindless things. They live to make fun of things other than. X3
    10. Kiandra Vaniel
      Kiandra Vaniel

      Well onto my preference, it's Strength and Emotion. Strength means the power to define my norm and how to try and justify it again. Emotion is passion, and I love my passion. -winks-

      XD I love to hear a good word from someone. Especially when it's out of left field... otherwise I just dismiss as another mindless attempt to say "Hey, sup?" XD
    11. Kiandra Vaniel
      Kiandra Vaniel
      Neither, because without emotion and wisdom they become undirected. Without strength to faith there is no cause to wage. So thus one becomes unwilling to follow or to become something more than a shell of the former. All should be one part to the whole, in their own way.


      Or maybe I'm just jibberish!
    12. lookingforfun27
      Things are going great for me, just a few more days of exams and then I can relax... Can't wait :)
    13. freshnfruity92
      still dizzy from the collision "woah, yeah i'm fine" i pick myself up and adjust my dress and then help you up before saying "i see you're not yet used to the temperature, dw if you decide to stay here long enough you'll get used to it. now, let's get to the real party; its even bigger inside, come on." i smile and grab you by the wrist and lead us into the crowd; snaking in between people until we get to the bottom of a large mountain, which has a door that i open and gesture you to go in.
    14. freshnfruity92
      lmfao, yeah i can :P
      dw i'll be the one with neon pink and blue paint and bright green feathers on the top of my head dressed like a native american. shouldn't be too hard to find me :D
    15. freshnfruity92
      LOL, i'll see you soon then? xD
      hopefully the train conductor will let you on the train wearing that
    16. lookingforfun27
      Oh god... That sounds horrible... At least there are people here to make you forget about other stuff for a little while :D
    17. lookingforfun27
      Oh god... What are you doing up at 3am?!? I'm doing fine thanks hon xx
    18. freshnfruity92
      that depends on whether you go to the northern half, or the southern ones. up in the north they're more formal but down south they're as crazy as you can imagine. i'm not so sure about buses but you can check with your local train station as to whether they offer services to get to here.
    19. lookingforfun27
      Hey mate, how's it going?
    20. drafterjeff
      a/sl hows it goin
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