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Jun 24, 2014
Mar 23, 2011
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An Eccentric Observer,, from Scotland

WillDoAnything15 was last seen:
Jun 24, 2014
    1. Leon101
      PM me i would love to rp with you
    2. Kane317
      well i was either thinking a love rp between Leo and Pi. A rape/force between Natasha and Kota. Or finally an incest between vincent and Cash. I can play as any one of those characters and id love to get to try them out for the first time with you. No one has gotten to play with them yet
    3. Virgin Boy
      Virgin Boy
      Hi there:)
    4. OnlyRookieEver
      HI!!! just a random person :D
    5. C0rp0ra1
      nope just shoot the breeze for now lol
    6. Kane317
      Lol a trial sounds more then fine. But before i pick anything is there anything in particular youd want to do? or any fantasy roleplays youve always wanted to do? The only things i wont do are scat and vore
    7. Devious Lover
      Devious Lover
      It can be very interesting just depends how wild your imagination is ^.^. Nice meet you btw xo my names Luke xo *smiles at you and blushes slightly*
    8. Nihon ~
      Nihon ~
      Ah, I would be more than happy to keep it in PMs, though if there is an alternative that you would prefer I would be more than able to oblige.
      Yes, I had a look at your characters when we first started speaking, and was pleasantly surprised to find a Type-Moon fan. I honestly have no preference my friend, if there is a character that you perhaps feel strong at roleplaying or would like to take the opportunity to roleplay then by all means, please do.
    9. Nihon ~
      Nihon ~
      Well on this site it appears the predominant theme of roleplay is sexual, though I have not engaged in any yet; granted, I have tried it a few times elsewhere, and it's not bad so long as there's a plot involved.

      Most of my roleplay though stems from anime, so I suppose there's the whole unrealistic and fantasy setting to it. Regarding particular scenarios though, I've never been too fussed; if someone wants to try a specific scene then I'll do my best to co-operate and make it happen
    10. hollowstorm
      Hey dude what's up?
    11. Kane317
      I feel more then just confident in my skills, and if i could join a group of people that could actually roleplay instead of boring 3 word sentences, id be very happy!
    12. C0rp0ra1
      Hey thanks for your visit to my page :) id like to chat sometime (just regularly)
    13. Devious Lover
      Devious Lover
      Hey thanks for the visit, I read your profile I'm looking for some friendly chat maybe some other fun if your keen? Xo
    14. Nihon ~
      Nihon ~
      Ah, so that's how it originated. This would be my first profile here, and I've only had it for a week or so, therefore I'm quite 'new' by most standards and unfamiliar with roleplay on this site. Regarding my skills, I could promote and praise them all I want, but at the end of the day it's up to others how they view my abilities; some may find them poor, other may find them pleasing. If I had to put a level to them, I'd say they're fairly good; I may be a little above the average, but there are surely those out there much better than me.
    15. Nihon ~
      Nihon ~
      Hello there. I just happened to notice mention of a decent group of roleplayers on your profile, this 'Roleplaying Elite', I believe it is called; would you mind giving me a little more information about it? Most people on here are illiterate sex addicts, though you seem like a pleasant change from them, so I figure speaking with you might do some good.
    16. Kane317
      Hi there. I saw your post about serious poleplayers and ive been hoping to find some to. Maybe sometime you can message me and we can talk. Id love to find someone else who really likes to rp and is good at it. Hope to hear from you soon!!!
    17. Hannah Of Hyrule
      Hannah Of Hyrule
      Not very confident at all, truthfully ._. I don't really RP much because I've found that some people can form unhealthy obsessions with it and I don't like being an accessory to that. Even before I made that decision, I don't think I'm a particularly literate or compelling roleplayer; I think I can type decently enough but I'm not much of a storyteller or writer ._.; I appreciate the message but I'm not sure that I'm the type of person that you're looking for~
    18. hornydragon527
      Hi there. Would you want to do a serious rp by any chance? I like relationship and love rps and I like to be detailed.
    19. WillDoAnything15
      To any and all aspiring roleplayersx that should happen to stumble onto my profile, I have a challenge for you. I'm a member of a group "The Roleplaying Elite", that, as the name implies is for the best of the best to meet the best of the best, so if you feel that you are one of the few truly skilled roleplayers on site, check out the group and, if interested, drop me a message and perhaps you may join. I look foward to speaking with -and roleplaying- any confident enough to accept.
    20. ♀Nightshade♀
      im an open book :o
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    I'm a 16/bi/m. If you are ever a little bored and looking for some to rp or c2c with pm me.

    Chat RP Cam2Cam



    I find myself.....disillusioned, with funnygames lately. I find there are so few people who devote any real thought, to the various roleplays and conversations I've been a part off. I have found one or two diamonds in teh rough so far, so I'm not quite ready to call it quits yet however. So if you are one of those precious few who happens to be looking for either a skilled roleplayer who wont simply allow you do all the work and will contribute, or are merely looking for friendly conversation, then PLEASE drop me a PM sometime. Incidently While I am enjoy including sex in my roleplays, It's only as a secondary concern. I'm more intrsted in character devlopment and story. So if you're merely looking for a quicke then You're on the wrong profile.