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Dec 25, 2014
May 12, 2013
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Happy X-mas or.. Dunno X3, from I do not give this out. Please don't ask for it.

xGryphonGirlx was last seen:
Dec 25, 2014
    1. Clit Commander2
      Clit Commander2
      I wouldn't go that far but maybe something like a reindeer skeleton or a cardboard cut out painting of a sadistic snowman. XD
    2. SluttyPet
      Hey there~ How have you been? :3
    3. hornydragon527
      Hey what's up?
    4. Clit Commander2
      Clit Commander2
      heh I scared so many kids that I slept so happily. honestly I've always wanted to put up scary fucked up decorations with a mix of halloween and christmas, something like in the movie nightmare before christmas.
    5. Clit Commander2
      Clit Commander2
      yeah I made a really kickass grim reaper costume with a skull mask to it. :)
    6. Clit Commander2
      Clit Commander2
      awwwww like what hun, something I'd liek to say around October was sweet dreams and pleasent screams. :)
    7. caliloves2surf
      Did you get my pm?
    8. jeffery begay
    9. Clit Commander2
      Clit Commander2
      well aren't you looking festive. :)
    10. Adelphia
      I am not unless it comes to one thing I won't show a picture of it cause what I say now is if you wanna see it come see it in person
    11. Adelphia
      Well stopped being it but my physique still makes people want me cause I even have pictures up of myself
    12. Adelphia
      Yeah maybe from me being a master before did this to me-rubs the back of my neck-
    13. Nekromatik #ki
      Nekromatik #ki
      Oh. :3 Care to PM?
    14. Nekromatik #ki
      Nekromatik #ki
      Hehe. ^^ So are you still "busy?"
    15. Adelphia
      Its hard for me to sub for people cause of my body size compared to most women I mean I can do it its just it'll get to the point where I will flip the girl onto her back, grip her wrists and hold her and well roughness and suchs goes from there
    16. Nekromatik #ki
      Nekromatik #ki
      Whoa. So it's like a thousand dollar PC or above? And, I assume that game is Crysis 3? Haha ;)
    17. Adelphia
      It didn't hurt for some reason its a lot of ecstasy from my teeth and even though I am a dominant person I can mix up my skills to my partner if the girl likes it rough and hard I can do it and so on
    18. Nekromatik #ki
      Nekromatik #ki
      Aw, what are your computer specs? Are they relatively modern, ancient, or high end? I assume they aren't high end parts because you mentioned the word 'lag'. Lol
    19. Adelphia
      Well I like doing it especially since I did so much to one girl she started to scratch down my back from the biting since most of my teeth are sharp
    20. Adelphia
      Neck,ear,nipple,lips and i've done it lightly on some girls clits
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    I love sex, Im very random and im a furry! & I love feet & cum!

    PC games, Cum, being naughty, cute things and teasing! ^.^

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    Hello all! Feel free to PM if ya want to get to know me ^.^ I do NOT trade pics or anything. Don't ask.
    I am much more into girls but I don't mind chatting/RPing with a guy, only if your nice and friendly.
    I am into all kinds of fetishes, even rape and such, my biggest is feet and furry. I don't mind rping anything.
    Feel free to add my yahoo if ya want ^.^