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Dec 25, 2014
May 12, 2013
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Happy X-mas or.. Dunno X3, from I do not give this out. Please don't ask for it.

xGryphonGirlx was last seen:
Dec 25, 2014
    1. SluttyPet
      Google Translate! It can't translate for shit. <-- Honest advertising.
    2. FurryLoverWill
      You're welcome, I haven't had enough time yet to check out all your albums but I did take a glance and I have to say I definitely liked the pics I was seeing. ;) Thank you as well, mine is also in my albums. I was reading in your about me section that you do like to rp and are into quite a few (most to be exact lol) fetishes which I also found very interesting about you and is another reason I wanted to start chatting with you. ;)
    3. FurryLoverWill
      Yeah I can definitely understand that as well. Lol. So I absolutely love your profile picture btw ;)
    4. Clit Commander2
      Clit Commander2
      heh yep yep. :3
    5. Clit Commander2
      Clit Commander2
      hey there hun you wanna continue our RP?
    6. FurryLoverWill
      Yeah I can definitely understand that. I feel the same way after work, I love just relaxing. :)
    7. tsunami1979
      sorry to but into your and Sluttypets conversation but if you like good comics then try myhentaicomics.com its a brilliant site hundreds of free comics
    8. SluttyPet
      Meh. It still just bugs me to no end when I can't find good translations. Why can't they just hire people who're fluent in both languages, then have those people translate the comics for them? It's almost as if the hired translators simply guess half the words in each sentence.
    9. dylandesiel1991
      Hey hun, how are you doing
    10. FurryLoverWill
      Well I'm sorry to hear you had a long day, I know my long days kinda suck. Lol.
    11. FurryLoverWill
      I'm doing good and relaxing as well, thank you for asking. :) My day was a bit busy but alright. :)
    12. FurryLoverWill
      Cool. Well first off, how are you? And how has your day been today?
    13. FurryLoverWill
      Hi there! Just came across your profile and it is very interesting. I was curious if you would like to chat a bit? :)
    14. SluttyPet
      Oh, to be sure. The manga is awesome. And yeah, the translation can be a bit annoying, but it's not hard to mentally translate. They just sometimes insert the wrong words or confuse them for ones with a similar meaning. I can't seem to find ones that are properly translated though. That kind of bugs me.
    15. Ms.LittlePinky
      nothing just got down working
    16. hornypuppy17
      Also just a warning very very fast responder
    17. hornypuppy17
      so am i good to pm u now^^
    18. hornypuppy17
      i hide mine cause i almost got banned once but friend me and u can look i a omnisex player and i ment comment on the same pics as me^^
    19. hornypuppy17
      dont forget to comment back hehe
    20. hornypuppy17
      ok i wont hold back then^^
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    I love sex, Im very random and im a furry! & I love feet & cum!

    PC games, Cum, being naughty, cute things and teasing! ^.^

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    Yahoo! Messenger:


    Hello all! Feel free to PM if ya want to get to know me ^.^ I do NOT trade pics or anything. Don't ask.
    I am much more into girls but I don't mind chatting/RPing with a guy, only if your nice and friendly.
    I am into all kinds of fetishes, even rape and such, my biggest is feet and furry. I don't mind rping anything.
    Feel free to add my yahoo if ya want ^.^