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Feb 12, 2019
Oct 17, 2013
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The interweb :3
5 albums, 100 pics!

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Back again!, from The interweb :3

xJessica was last seen:
Feb 12, 2019
    1. SUICHI2
      love the profile just missing the profile pic. Message me sometime and we can RP, chat, or whatever.
    2. furrygirl
      Heya sweety, love the pics.. Could we play sometimes!!???
    3. Ms.LittlePinky
    4. sluttybunny
      Hiya Jess :3 how are you?
    5. sluttybunny
      Why hello Jess :3
    6. furrygirl
    7. Peach
      Mhm! It was a goal, but forums were like...completely dead by the time I had set it as a goal. And we had some really, really annoying/troll-ish people posting on the forums in some huge circle-jerk kinda deal. But all that aside, 500 forum posts was a lot! 'Cause you had to do them in certain forum sections, forgot which. xD
    8. Little-Red-Lucie
      Nothing much o3o Just figured i'd leave my bubble and meet new people!
    9. Peach
      I didn't participate much in groups, so I can't say much there, but I bet it was a load of fun! I tried posting on forums as much as I could for a few weeks, JUST to get the increased inbox message to...200? I think it was 200 if you had a certain amount of forum posts. 500 forum posts and a green name or something.

      Thankfully I didn't get banned! And yeah, I have an idea who you mean, as I got a message from a very old friend as well. Was quite surprising.
    10. Peach
      I know! That, and the forums basically being shut down so no one can post anything, and the albums, and profile pictures. Not being able to access the site for so many weeks/months too. And as you said, the banning and botting. :\ My friend Nami got banned for no reason! But yeah, I hope others like us, come to check in and see if things are working!

      I miss the glory days with dozens and hundreds of people online at a time! REALLLLY overwhelming back then, though xD Inbox messages were a disaster. I'd like a good mix of then, and now.
    11. Little-Red-Lucie
    12. Peach
      Mhmm, It's looking a little more live than it did for the past few months~ I don't even mind if it's dead, so long as I have some good friends to chat with every now and then!
    13. Peach
      Oh right, haha. I actually just checked back today after about 2 weeks~!
    14. Peach
      Mm? And why's that?
    15. AuraTyphlosion
      Hello there. :3
    16. xJessica
      Wowowow, 20k views. Thanks for the love over the years people. Not many of you left but cheers.
    17. yanotigro
      I'd draw you some hentai/ecchi if you have any ideas ^^ I draw futa too ovo
    18. bigboy533
      Hey there cutie :)
    19. mrs.sexyles
      Hello are you mad at me? :( because you never message me no matter what I do u.u we use to talk a lot
    20. sluttybunny
      Been great, how about you Jessica :3
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  • About

    The interweb :3
    5 albums, 100 pics!
    Fun, Happy, Flirty, Kinky~

    Piano, Manga, and more!


    Hi everyone! I'm Jessica. I enjoy the beach, reading, piano, and of course roleplaying.

    Given that, I fully prefer females, futa or non futa. I love furries. I can be submissive mostly, and dominant at times. I'm incredibly flexible in more ways than one, especially when it comes to roleplay. Just about everything besides scat turns me on, so don't be afraid to pm or vm me! I won't bite.

    I have three personas (kiera, iku, samus) and 70+ other pictures for roleplay!