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Jul 16, 2011
Feb 20, 2011
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XxTheDarkWolfxX was last seen:
Jul 16, 2011
    1. PaizleeRox
      Dang. wanted to join the zombie group.
    2. ShadowWolf13
      Huh, Well I don't know what is really going on but I'm sure someone will fill me in. Tom if your leaving then I guess your sad about something serious and all in all it sucks, but even if you never read this I just hope things get bette.
    3. oldworldwolf
      Tom if you ever get on then go to fallout, I set something up for you. Hope you find that special someone and have a great life.
      "To the sky" for all, we will be waiting.
    4. Rock A Bye Chick 2000
      Rock A Bye Chick 2000
      we will all, miss you tom i hope you find that i girl u seek sweethart, u so deserve her i hope now you will consider your own fealings for a wile because uve been negleting them hun i know its against who u are but sometimes your future need a tiny bit of self centering or ull never leave squear one in love or ambitions, if we never speak orr see eachother again, do uz all a favor and become a great man and live the best life you deserve to live xxx il miss you bbz xxx
    5. hornyflower
      u shouldnt leave just cuz other ppl are assholes ur a good person and we all like u and will miss u alot dont let other ppl get to u and ruin what u like to do -hug- there will always b asshole out there and if u leave becuz of just a few what else is there? nothing ur left with nothing but lonelyness and sadness and some one like u dosnt deserve that
    6. Smoky the Horse
      Smoky the Horse
      Im gonna miss you my freind.
    7. teetop99
      God damn it I saw this coming. Do we really have to fight? It happened and blaming people and going and harassing people won't bring him back. He wouldn't wAnt this and by saying things like that you are destroying the memory and legacy of Tom.
    8. Killer b22
      Killer b22
      hey shut the fuck up alright she feels like shit and if you fucking say anything like that again i'll rip your god damn throat out you got you son of a bitch
    9. foxy_lady
      aww.... he was soo nice! screw rock a bye. i want my wolf buddy back! *tail droops*
    10. Smoky the Horse
      Smoky the Horse
      Oooo ask Rock a bye, its called leading on, throwing down, rubbing it in, then making him feel like utter crap, and then doing it again.
    11. foxy_lady
      he's gone? why???? *ears go down*
    12. oldworldwolf
      GOD DAMNET, WHY....why
    13. teetop99
      Hey I didn't want him to go either but you can't just blame us and call us idiots.
    14. Smoky the Horse
      Smoky the Horse
      Right hes Gone. Well done Rock a bye chick.
    15. teetop99
      Enough that they are determined to find me and make my life a living hell on whatever site I go to.
    16. Smoky the Horse
      Smoky the Horse
      Well done people ... having literally the nicest guy you will ever meet leave this site. Your all Idiots.
    17. teetop99
      I've probably done worse. I have....well not so much pissed them off....its hard to explain. But I know how you feel.
    18. teetop99
      You shouldn't let it drive you crazy. You dont mean to leave sadness but everyone does sometimes. Its a fact of life.
    19. oldworldwolf
      hay, I sent you a pm please right it down. the love of your life will find you, if you are ment to be together then you will find each other.
    20. teetop99
      If you love it you should stay. You may meet that special person in life on FG. And don't forget that you receive sadness but can also give it.
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