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Oct 4, 2018
Dec 4, 2007
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Where all the illegal immigrants migrate.

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Neo-Maxi Zoom Dweebie, from Where all the illegal immigrants migrate.

[zephyr] was last seen:
Oct 4, 2018
    1. Zeusy
      Doing My yearly stroll, surprised this place still exist
      1. [zephyr]
        I know right?! I couldn't figure out how to sign in with my phone .___. Lmao
        May 25, 2018
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    2. Scottish Legend
      Scottish Legend
      Never sure if it makes me happy or sad that some of the old members still visit here. Such nostalgia. o.o

      How's life been treating you stranger?!
    3. MegaMan
      I see you're still here :P
    4. Scottish Legend
      Scottish Legend
      You mean they finally got round to making a tv show after me?! Pft, took them long enough!
    5. Sicu
      Well.. in the past there used to be the spam bots. No, it's true..there's barely anyone posting on there...
    6. Scottish Legend
      Scottish Legend
      Extra smart definitely not! I am trying though! Hahah
      Studying has been painful the past few days. So much to do ;_;

      It must be so hard having to deal with all the puppies all the time :\
    7. lead118
      Unfortunately they're not too well known and kind of meme fuel on YouTube. I like 'em a lot though. XP
      How is Skins? Stranger Things is currently my favorite show on there.
      Not much is new though I anticipate a job switch soon. I've had odd hours for awhile now, and I'm beginning to forget what it's like to be around normal people .___.
    8. lead118
      Mostly Death Grips right now.
      What do you usually like watching? Luke Cage is awesome btw
    9. Sicu
      Yeh, well.. I never sign out. I just close the tab. Except that, compared to a few years ago, I forget to come on here as often as I used to.

      Them role players are okay, don't mind them really. The other part I kind of do, but meh... the times have changed so..
    10. Scottish Legend
      Scottish Legend
      Yeah, I think it had been doing that to pretty much everybody as far as I'm aware. ;_;

      Awh maan, working with animals must be great fun! I'm so jealous >.>

      Things with me are not too bad at all! Just moved into a new place a month or so ago, still studying Electrical Engineering. Y'know, all the fun stuff D: I bet you're super jealous of all the maths I get to do when you get to work with animals! Hahaha
    11. Scottish Legend
      Scottish Legend
      OHEY! Man, it's been a long time once again!

      Thankyou for the birthday wishes! I feel so old these days D:

      You have been missed much also! How're things going with you these days? (:
    12. Sicu
      Yeh..me, you and the ones doing them erotic role plays. At least from what I've seen so far xD
    13. lead118
      Not up to much. Just listening to music on loop while playing minesweeper. Fun fun times -___-
    14. lead118
      Zephyr? wadafux you doing here? I though everyone was dead. So what's been the up lately?
    15. Sicu
      haha yeh, true. At least that thing didn't change around here even though I found a few that left :D

      Well, when you really like / love and enjoy what you are doing then you won't even feel the time as it's passing by :)
    16. Sicu
      Nah.. it's fine. I got over her...mostly xD

      Well.. sadly nothing lats forever...

      Oh nice! Grats! But careful with that 'cause pervs still roam these forums xD.
    17. Sicu
      Yeh.. bit more free = she dumped me xD.

      Well, I was unable to log on it for a long time and I also forgot the email i used for it so I stopped coming. Changed? It died a bit more but the spam bots are gone xD.

      And you? Anything new on your end?
    18. Sicu
      Rather busy, finding a job, girlfriend, life. Now am bit more free, time wise.

      And for me.. my account got stolen or wtf knows since it didn't even let me sign in...
    19. Sicu
      hehe, they fixed it. I also saw it randomly about a month or so ago. So how have you been? xD
    20. Sicu
      And what wind brought you back in these parts? xP
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    Where all the illegal immigrants migrate.

    Being Verbally Abusive Towards Others.