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18+ Cosmos_no_Himitsu

Discussion in 'Need a help or have a request?' started by elitehole, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. elitehole

    elitehole n00b

    So i download Cosmos_no_Himitsu but its .bin file.. How do I open it?
  2. You need to extract the .bin file before you can play the game. The most common program used for extracting .bin files is MagicISO, I would post the link but I don't have enough post yet so just google it. You can download the trail version of it, open the .bin file with it and then click the folder with the little green arrow to extract it (after selecting an extraction location). After you extract it you should now have a folder with the .exe or what ever is needed to install the game.

    Hope this helps!

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