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[18+] Extremely Harcore RWBY Lewds

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by JanineKitty, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. CodeCandy

    CodeCandy Sweet Eater

    Restrained by Ruby as she was, Reese couldn't properly resist as the cat monster shoved her down onto her knees, putting her at the perfect height to have Pitou's cock rubbed all over her face, leaving trails of hot, sticky pre-cum. She spluttered and gasped, "M-Mistress?! Like hell am I going to call you that. You'll never get away with this!" she raved, objecting and struggling even as the younger girl began to tear at her clothes. Why had Ruby submitted so easily?!

    Unable to control her own body, Ruby did as instructed, tearing and yanking off Reese's clothes. Her face remained a forced smile as she did so, shredding fabric where necessary. She didn't stop until she'd stripped the teal-haired girl down to the nude, leaving her entire body bear for the chimera ant before she went back to simply restraining Reese.

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