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  1. Heya,
    So after... bout's 2 years of coming to this site weekly (Doing a great job with a rapid updates) decided to register. Anywho, I've taking up basic flash game making as a small hobby and made some quiz for funny-games.biz
    So I was wondering who to talk to about it/email it to.
    Or do I just upload the swf to some file sharing site and we're good to go.
    And I also need to know where I can get the 18+ funny-games logo to put on it :thumb:

    CyberneticSpiderMonkey :coolgleam:
    (apologies for the double post, seems I can't edit the older post. Might be to old?)

    So I can't seem to find anyone that knows where I can get the funny-games 18+ logo (without just cutting it of some screenshot) so I decided to just leave it instead of waiting.
    Spose' it needs some improvements, but eh, its my 1st flash :D

    Heres a link to download the swf file.
    Uhoh... Seems I need 30 posts... Guess I'll edit the link into this post when I've gotten them.
    Off to the :spam: section
    Ok, %$#@ it. I make a game for the website and all that happens is people complain about my post numbers.
    Yeah, because I just registered to offer my game... Nice.. I'll go else where with it.

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  2. Emprasoforvio

    Emprasoforvio n00b

    Surrender your Soul, Surrender your pride :)

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