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A challenger appears!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Araseth, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. Araseth

    Araseth boB

    HEY! The names Araseth and I'm a pretty cool guy.
    Things you should know about me:
    I'm 19, I live in the US, I'm tall as hell and have long brown hair.
    I'm also bisexual and absolutely love music (except for rap, which I only listen to while dancing.) I'm an open minded individual with a pretty dirty and dark sense of humor. I think any joke is worth being told, no matter how offensive.

    I'm a fun-loving dude but I can get serious when I need to rant.

    I'm not tied down or owned by any man or woman, and I will not be owned (maybe tied down some day, have a couple of kids and a house, maybe even a few cats.)

    Also to those of you who think it matters: I'm white, and I only hate on those who don't do anything but reinforce stereotypes.

    Peace out, its dinner time.
  2. aravindgiri

    aravindgiri n00b

    Hi Araseth. Welcome to Funny Games. Read the rules and search before posting. Hava a good time!
  3. Emmzxxx

    Emmzxxx n00b

  4. aravindgiri

    aravindgiri n00b

    Are you 19 Araseth? I'm just going to turn 10 this February!
  5. mikeaf

    mikeaf n00b

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