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A Late Quartet - Walken is Awesome!

Discussion in 'Movies and Television' started by stevenjobs, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. stevenjobs

    stevenjobs n00b

    Anyone else been to see this yet? It's about the members of a string quartet (yes, doesn't sound promising but bear with), one of whom is diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.

    An absolutely top-quality cast includes Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Daniel Lerner and Catherine Keener but Christopher Walken steals the show with a standout performance that reminded me what a brilliant actor he is. If the Oscars were still about great films instead of corruption and politics, Walken would be in the running.

    The film's beautifully photographed and it is director Yaron Zilberman's first feature. He also co-wrote the screenplay and the film itself explores friendship, love, loss and the transcending power of music as part of the human experience. It's not flawless - TV actress Imogen Poots is woefully under-talented in such lofty company - but it's as fine a film as I've seen for a long time.

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