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A poem by me

Discussion in 'Arts' started by MegaMan, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. MegaMan

    MegaMan Guest


    My breath hastens
    My hands grow numb
    I puzzle at my vulnerability
    A heart, my beating drum

    I feel, the time is gone
    I look back at what I've done
    I realise, I lived with the best
    My heart, my soul as one

    I look into my reflection
    what I see is vague
    I see an unaged body
    Still in it's teenage stage

    My future seems unclear
    I must be patient, to see
    Only time, will be my judge
    What it is, that waits for me?

    I know, I am young
    My mentality sais otherwise
    I step up, to the platform
    I know, I am unwise

    I judge, I am judged
    I know, what they declare
    I am my own person
    It is they, who must not care

    I am no puppet
    I am no fool
    No matter what you think
    It is not I, who they rule

    The footsteps, behind me
    The imprints grow more and more
    Ever since I started
    First crawling, on the floor.

    I know, I am unwise.

    Go easy on me, it's my 1st attempt.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 15, 2009
  2. Zeusy

    Zeusy The Surreal Love Bastard

    Pretty Good For A first Attempt.. Nice Poem Nonetheless
  3. kerrod8

    kerrod8 I Better Find Your Heart.

    I like it. It is certainly better then most of the poems I have written. I especially like the last verse.
  4. MegaMan

    MegaMan Guest

    Here's another one. I guess you could say I'm bored.


    Blood, sweat, and tears
    The sum of all fears
    A solemn promise
    Of a time, long broken

    We take for granted
    All that we possess
    Oh why is it?
    That we must caress

    All of which we want
    Rather than what we need?
    Is this our destiny?
    To simply wait, and bleed

    As we look back
    We have many regrets
    No way to change
    That we have addressed

    A tear, in the mind's eye
    We can clearly see
    But we are oh, so blind
    To our own neccesities

    Can we not change?
    Are we so stupid?
    Will we ever see?
    With eyes, unclouded

    Work, on the road ahead
    Likely, ending up dead
    We have no future
    Our end, is our doing.

    Are we so stupid?
  5. fgplayer

    fgplayer ;3

    They are okay, not the best and not the worst. I liked the second poem better.

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