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A Request To All Impatient Roleplayers On Funny Games.

Discussion in 'Comments and suggestions' started by RecklessWartuga, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. I'm posting this in hopes that the impatient roleplayers on this site see it and open up their minds a bit before stressing out their partners further. I post this as I've spoken with a few of my own roleplaying friends and found that they are being hassled by their other friends for not responding in an Rp. Now while I am usually I choose to take the path of a quiet observer in drama on Funny Games I've grown tired of seeing friends become so stressed to the point of leaving here because too many impatient people harassed them to the point where they just decided to leave. This is not too say these people were acting with malice but rather selfishness and were horribly inconsiderate of what their roleplay partner might be going through.

    So before you send a condeming message or rather repeated questions about the Rp to that girl/guy you're roleplaying with who hasn't responded in a while. Stop yourself for a moment, take a look at their profile and consider a few things.

    - How many friends do they have? Do they have more than twenty? Then they might just have quite a few messages to get through and respond to before getting to the Rp that you two are doing...This along with any guys who are spamming a girl in particular for useless pms like asking a/s/l or to send pics which is most likely irritating them that they may not have room in their inbox thanks to messages like that.

    - There are many Rpers on here who range from high school age up to college students, throw in any of them having a job and that is plenty of stess to deal with already. If they haven't shown up online in a while, maybe they have exams, finals, a six page report, on their hands. Maybe they're working graveyards, covering their own shift and someone else's, consider that they maybe far too busy to reply in the Rp. And it's okay to send a pm asking if they're busy with life, hell ask how their day is and how the stress they're going through is effecting them, they might just appreciate it. Show them there's a human being on the other side of that screen.

    - Sometimes far more important things happen than your wonderfully written Rp. Surprised? A relationship, family issues, troubles with work, a death, a birth, a move to a new home, any number of things can happen that can keep a partner from replying. And at times like those they maybe highly stressed, and highly emotional. Coming back on here for a moment to relax and to get a bunch of messages badgering them to get back to the roleplay is only going to make them feel more pressured and only make them not want to respond.

    These are not polite suggestions(XD Boondocks Saints ref.) Okay perhaps they are or rather this is a call for common sense and consideration. I am asking that if you are waiting on a response in the Rp, think and think hard about the person you're waiting for. Perhaps one of the three things I've pointed out is affecting them and you just have to wait or give them some time to themselves. Roleplayers with a thinking mind should treat each other like human beings, let's start working on that and perhaps we'll have less drama to deal with.

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  2. Rawr Girl

    Rawr Girl Banned

    You should make it shorter. :3
  3. griffin535

    griffin535 Check the about me


    Very long, but very true.
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  4. hollowstorm

    hollowstorm Overlord

    Indeed Mr. griffin
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  5. Griffin, Griffin, Griffin... Nevermind..

    Yups, sometimes people just need a break from shit. and the constant pestering could ultimately cause the RP to crumble to ash .__.

    Shitload of good reasons as to why people don't reply quick too.

    You sir, My trusted friend Wolfman13 *coughs*<Wolfgang> have just been repped by a total n00b, Me ^^
  6. Wow, I'm surprised people are bothering to read this actually but am pleasantly surprised none the less. Maybe more people will see and the impatient types that this was intended for will actually read it...They probably don't read the forums but hey one can hope. XD

    I honestly have no idea what rep is but cool I suppose and no please don't explain it to me, I'll find out for myself or let it be a mystery, I like mysteries XD. Hey as long as it gets this message out there then I'm happy.

    And technically I'm still a 'noob' as well because I don't post a god damned thing. XD
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  7. *Throws away a whole stack of speech notecards and papers, all about the wonders of rep, taught to me mostly by Angeloflight* Damn it... Fine...

    It has been about a little over a year since you made this loooooong thread...
    I'd be surprised as hell too if it was getting replies just now.. X~X
  8. griffin535

    griffin535 Check the about me

    What is that supposed to mean, Spitfire????
  9. Hmm? What's that about an "amazingly awesome" chick hiding under the appearance of a pony named Spitfire? .-.

    oops... I meant a Pony named Spitfire Hiding under the appearance of a Emo lady, sorry, I get the two confused sometimes .__.

    Wait... what are we talking about? XD
  10. Cosmic Star

    Cosmic Star Kik: _Anjanath

    I never understood why people do this.

    Just because it takes maybe a 3 minute response..doesn't mean to send "?" All the time.

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  11. Uh-huh, that'll show ya to try and be learnin' me with yer fancy edumacations!

    But seriously, I posted this for a reason so that'll be my only joke on this thread. XD I'd rather it stay dead again for another long while so that the ones this was intended for do see it and will actually think for once. Rather than it be cluttered with a bunch of discussion that derives from the actual subject. Just my two cents.
  12. Ask Blackhawk to close off your thread then Mr. Edumacations Guy.
    I think he'll gladly do it if you give him a reason like that :3
  13. As long as the discussion remains on the topic of the original post then I'm okay with it. Actually I'd be glad if someone comes up with something even better than my dinky little essay. Hell maybe it'll get more view than mine did. Kinda like what Cosmic is doing at said moment...Or past moment.

    If they're just sending question marks, they're probably used to messenger Rps, so even more impatient than the regular impatient type...And they need to learn to sit down, shut up and wait for a really good response.
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  14. Big_Cat

    Big_Cat Friendly Sabertooth

    Thank You

    I am happy that someone finally came out and said it. I had left this site for almost two years for that very reason. A decision I came to regret, many of my favorite partners where no longer here when I got back. :(

    I know many who refuse to cone back too; only willing to do rp through email, and a couple that have gone stealth.

    Sometimes it is nice to be able to put an rp on pause and be able to just chat a bit. Don't get me wrong, I love doing rp and enjoy everyone of them but it gets to a point where you begin to feel as if people just want something from you. The part that pisses me off most is when they keep sending the same damn pm over and over again.
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  15. I know that feeling man, and yeah I made this thread for those of my friends who were getting hounded by their own Rp partners. I don't know if this kind of thing still goes on though, I'm assuming the insatiable perverts are a bigger problem now for women on this site.
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  16. griffin535

    griffin535 Check the about me


    When is somepony new going to post?? I'm starting to think this post is dead....
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  17. Quantum

    Quantum Boop!

    Totally agree. Some people act like you are just here for them. :/
  18. thatonegirl101

    thatonegirl101 hello:)

    I used to have this happen a lot when I first joined, but I took almost a 2 year leave from fg and when I came back I decided to only role pay with people that actually wanted to get to know me and who I could tell,"Hey I Have a lot going on right now so maybe we should just chit chat..." and they would be fine with it :) my suggestion is be more selective with your rp partners and if someone keeps giving you crap over it and is not understanding towards you then they don't deserve to have "fun times" with you. It may seem kind of harsh,but them being jerks about it is not very nice either...on a side note I did not mind the length of the original post,what ever happened to people actually enjoying reading someones thoughts? I just like reading in general I guess lol anyways I am totally off subject and have started to ramble...bad habit of mine :">
  19. My intent was never for this post to be some long ongoing conversation that would thrive with thousands of posts just for the purpose of justifying its existence for being a thread on a forum. Its purpose was simple for the original post to be a strong message towards impatient Rpers who do not care or take the time to realize that their Rp partners will not always have the time to satisfy their selfish needs.

    As long as that message remains clear and it has gotten through to someone than this thread has served its purpose and that is something I am happy with, no pride, no nothing. But in regards to you mocking it and declaring it dead, it does seem to have gotten a few more posts that aren't just from spambots so thanks.
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