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A very complicated math question (For sixth year)

Discussion in 'Homework Help' started by Edwardthe4th, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. Edwardthe4th

    Edwardthe4th n00b

    Zahid, a music composer, composed a song. He had made 22,210 copies. 25% of his copies were sent to China, 23% to Singapore, 30% to India, and the rest to Japan.

    a) How many copies were sent to Japan?

    b) If Japan wanted to send 2% of the copies back to Zahid, how much would he have?

    c) Thailand and Indonesia wanted copies too, so Zahid made 9,000 more for them. They both had an equal share. Then Zahid demanded that he
    |? wanted 4% of his copies back from both of the countries. So how much would Zahid have
    now, including the ones from Japan?

    I don`t have much time, can someone please reply this quickly? Please?

    Thank you.
  2. Angel of Game

    Angel of Game You want ban?

    I will try to help you. I will just be quick in answering them.

    • Percentage for copies that sent to Japan= 100%-(25%+23%+30%)
      = 100%-78%
      = 22%

      So, the number of copies that sent to Japan are = 22,210*22%
      = 4,886.2
      I think it's pretty safe to ignore the 0.2 so the answer will be 4,886 copies
    • Number of copies that back to Zahid = 4,886*2%
      = 97.72
      Because there is 0.7, we will add one to the result so it will be 98 copies
    • I will assume that both Thailand and Indonesia got 4,500 copies.
      So, the numbers or copies Zahid would have = (4,500*4%)+(4,500*4%)+98
      = 180+180+98
      = 458

    Let me know if I make a mistake. Although I kinda doubt that but, eh... :p
  3. Scottish Legend

    Scottish Legend Anybody still alive on here?

    Worked it out, came up with the same AoG. I'd go with that, hah.
  4. Robotower

    Robotower robotower.com

    Nice explantation Angel of Game.
  5. ya angel of game good job, this made my brain hurt maybe cause im not good at math...
  6. bobafett31

    bobafett31 star wars geek

    im awesome at math. I give you permission to call me a math geek.Got a question ask me:thumb:
  7. PaizleeRox

    PaizleeRox real life edgelord

    The answer is quite simple.

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