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  1. Captain Sarcastic

    Captain Sarcastic AKA, "Cap'n Satanic"

    God these ads are getting annoying.

    Yes, I know that they help you keep the site up.
    Yes, I know that they aren't that big a deal.
    Yes, I know this might just be annoying to read.
    No, I don't see why they pop up everywhere and almost crash the computer!!

    I know that a few on the sides or beneth the main page is alright, understandable. When they choke up pages to confusing you and getting lost on a site is annoying. When they pop up in your face sometimes on new windows and sometimes on your current window is out of the question. Someone has got to agree with me that is :fmad:ing annoying.

    All I ask is that you please get rid of the pop up ads and lay them out somewhere out of the way so that it doesn't confuse anyone and so it just doesn't look trashy. Maybe at the bottom? The top? Just not on the sides or in the middle. Certainly not pop-up or takes the page.

    I just noticed on the post preview box, websites are underlining words with the flipping things!! Garrrghhh!!!

    Thanks, I hope you see my point here.
  2. Rawr Girl

    Rawr Girl Banned

    iscussion » Need a help or have a request? » Ads! » Reply to Thread Notices Pleas

    Ads and Spam = Annoying. :rtfm::spam::bann:

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