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All Rock And Horrorcore

Discussion in 'Music' started by TheMaskedStranger, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. As people already know, Music plays a huge role in most of our lives. There are several genres of music, and I don't tend to be hostile to any. However I do have favourites, I enjoy all types of rock weather it be Soft, Hard, Heavy or even Acid, the list goes on. My other fave music tatse would have to be Horrorcore, also known as Juggalo music, so stuff like ICP or Twiztid. However my fave band today, would have to be AC/DC I have always enjoyed there hard rock tunes. Below is also some other bands which I find interesting.

    AC/DC, Wierd Al, Arrogant Worms, Eifel 65, MotorHead, Vanillia Ice, Survivour, John Williams, Fireball Ministry, AreoSmith, OffSpring, Lynrd Skynrd, Johnny Cash, Eddie Rabbit, The Road Hammers, Twisted Sister, Steelers Wheels, Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Psychopathic Rydas, Boondox, ABK, Dark Lotus, Quiet Riot, Poison, Alice Cooper, George Thorogood & The Destroyers, 3 Doors Down, 66 Boys, The Archies, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Barry De Vorzon, Bee Gees, Boston, Forgiener, Bright Eyes, Bryan Adams, Brooks & Dunn, Cage The Elephant, Chumbawamba, Deep Purple, Good Charlotte, Green Day, Disturbed, Slipknot, Meatloaf, Hedley, Emenem, 50 Cent, J. Geils Band, Kevin Bloody Wilson, Bare Rump, Mark Collie, Megadeth, Michael Jackson, Nena, Autograph, Rage Against The Machine, System Of A Down, Guns N Roses, Velvet Revolver, Nickelback, The Ramones, The Romantics, Sammy Hagar, The Scorpions, Survivour, They Might Be Giants, The Ventures, The Cars, Dead Or Alive, Gary Glitter, Trapt, 12 Stones, Kazy, Papa Roach, Korn

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