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Another Drawing of Me, Better than Ever

Discussion in 'Arts' started by Kyoujin, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. Saintnight

    Saintnight Banned

    Nice artwork! Keep it up
  2. mattyrules

    mattyrules Costumise Yor Face!

    well i spose if you are banned you pass the time buy drawing...BUT๓คtt&รtคςєא Ŧ๏гєשєг(15t๏๔คא) Thats my name on XAT...Opps i told you ANY WAY bye:guns::flush:
  3. kanjika

    kanjika no... it's not japanese

    huh... i'm pretty suspect to say anything... but.... what you said about the legs look short might be something with the pockets.... if the jacket goes over the pants, then i believe the pockets would be hidden too.... (unless your pants have pockets down to the knees...)

    and there is also something bugging me about his right leg.... do you think if you strech it both legs have the same length....?

    man... i really like the face... you got stile... your all stars are awesome too... and those bricks on the wall... they all seem to have the same size! woot! (when I attempt anything like that it tends to get smaller and smaller.... xD) lol

    overall it's a real good drawing ^^
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