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Bonjour all!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by The Princess1621, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Hello! I am JaCey, I use to use this site a while ago before it all went to hell. I am hopeful that it won't go that way again. A bit about me, I am 19 years old female who has blue eyes and brunette hair (I am still getting use to saying that bear with me). I am really here looking for some new role play partners. I use to have a decent handful, but alas they mostly have moved on and don't really talk to me any more. Feel free to message me! I promise I don't bite :p
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  2. Braixen

    Braixen Reporting for duty! Staff Member

    Hey howdee friend! Welcome to the mostly rejuvenated Funny-Games Forums!

    I'm glad to see some returning faces~!
  3. CaptainClark

    CaptainClark n00b

    Hi there and welcome back. I'm new here myself. You don't bite? But what if the roleplay calls for it? ;)
  4. ShroudofDarkness

    ShroudofDarkness A Tired Shade

    Welcome back to the forums. Hope you enjoy it here and hope you accomplish your goal of finding some long term roleplay partners!

    What kind of roleplays do you enjoy doing anyway?

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