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Books I recommend to everyone

Discussion in 'Books, Books, Books!' started by DearWhoever, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. DearWhoever

    DearWhoever ^.^

    I love to read and I have read over 150 books this year. Here are a few that I have really enjoyed and recommend everyone try.

    The Maximum Ride Series by James Patterson- They are about human/bird hybrids who are on the run from the scientists that made them that way. There is a little romance in the series but it's mostly action based.

    The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward- I believe there are 12 books and I've just finished the 7th. They are vampire books and I would also say they are erotica. Amazing books. Lost of action and love.

    The Witch and the Wizard Series by James Patterson- The first book took me a while to get into but then they take off and are very interesting.

    Guardians by Lola StVil- angels come to earth with the intent on saving the human race. The series becomes very intense and almost impossible to put the books down.

    The Vampire Journals by Morgan Rice

    A Shade of Vampire- Bella Forest
  2. Ollivander

    Ollivander Good dom daddy

    If u like vampires, try the Darren shan saga by Darren shan

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