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Boyish English Version Guide(18+)

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by Osloq, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. Osloq

    Osloq n00b

    This is definitely a hard game to master but it gets a lot easier towards the end. The thing you need to look out for are the leaders of the man dojo and the ultimate boss of the karate school because they are both level 15.

    The best tactic is to train until you're level 4 or so and then start to expand. Train by stripping the girl, then knocking her in her breasts and vag. Do it twice and she'll have a mark the next day and be extra sensitive. One mark goes away per day. At around level 4, talk to your sister and she'll give you the whip.

    Use this instead of knock and again hit her twice with it so it'll carry over. If you beat her too badly with it however she becomes too damaged and you won't be able to train for a while so only hit her a maximum of 7 times with it over her entire body.

    Go back and talk to your sister occasionally because if you've leveled she'll often give you a dildo, anal dildo (only way to get virgin ass on the sister) and a shocking thing (I don't know what this does to be honest). She'll also occasionally offer to change levels for training. As long as you keep this 5 levels below you, you'll manage to get close to the maximum experience you can get and have very little difficulty in winning every time. If you submit her quickly enough (especially at higher levels) you may be able to train again (so twice in one day). Be aware of the damage you've done to her if you attempt this because a mark will not have faded if you're training twice and you may damage her too greatly for the next day.

    Don't capture too many dojos or they gain levels to match yours or at least thats what happened to me. Once you have a buffer of at least 2 dojos between you and the school start training again. If you're level 8 by the time you capture the deputy director as long as you play it smart and you've got the timer down, it's a cakewalk.

    Keep on training for as long as possible and make sure to have at least 12 students. Recruiting takes away half your health minus 1 (so if you have 100 it takes away 49) so you can do it twice a day. At level 12 you can beat either of the 2 15s although you have to consistently roll good to profit from their bad rolls (hence the cannon fodder). If you manage to win against them you should level at least once and half putting you even closer to equal levels. I'm fairly sure that it's a random chance not pre determined when they challenge your dojo so if you want to focus on one person, save before you go to sleep, if when you wake up they haven't challenged you or the wrong person has, go to the title screen, reload and then sleep. Eventually you should come up against your nemesis.

    Expand one or two dojos into the man school (again to have a buffer in case you lose) and train. You have to be at least level 17 to capture the leaders and that's only if you roll good and they roll badly or neutral. Every level above 17 it becomes easier to capture them but I found I couldn't actually get them to the submissive point until I was level 18 and that was only because of lucky rolls at the right time. If you can't catch the leaders when they try to run, train before you try to expand. You'll get extra experience, you won't need your strength for the dirty fight and the expansion ends the day anyway.

    When fighting against them, it's vital to be consistent with your goods because with the panties it's likely you'll fail 3 times and it's only on the 4th that you'll manage to take them off. (note: Aio is the hardest to win a dirty fight against but because she her rolls go both lower and higher [lower on bads and higher on goods] in student fights she was the easier to beat at level 12/13).

    Once they're derobed, kiss them to get first fellatio xp, touch the breasts to get the three sizes and if you got the panties off touch her vag which will give you her virginity. You don't have much health against them so you've got to be smart about what you use. Whip and knock have about a 30 point decrease than touch and kiss but they give a much bigger increase. Toys are the same except have even lower rolls. You can only win if they roll badly which can be pretty infrequent. If you do try one though go for the anal toy because you get the virgin ass xp.

    The strategy I use is just to persevere and try to maintain my goods consistency with the whip on both the breasts and vag. If you find yourself fairly close to making them submit but you don't have that much energy left, go for the touch and kiss. The higher rolls increase the chance of success, so you lose less energy, and should be enough to get the rest of the way. Nothing's worse than gambling on a last whip or toy because you don't want to try to roll 2 goods as opposed to 1 and then they turn around and just blitz your roll anyway.

    Be aware that for every level you get an extra 10 to your roll when your students are fighting and 5 in dirty fights. Apart from that just persevere, learn the timer (once you know its rhythm it's pretty easy to get consistent goods) and just save really frequently. The game ends on the 9/1 so you really have to have the groundwork done quickly to be in a good position. I'm unsure if you can capture both of the two leaders but it's better to just aim for the one you prefer and if you have time then go for the second.

    I wasn't sure where to put where the characters come from so I thought I'd just tack it here. You start off in conflict with the deputy director who is a level 2. If you don't capture her before the 7/31 you can then capture a blond boy. If you capture the deputy director eventually the boss will return and try to get you to surrender her. I haven't given her back so I can't say what happens if you do that but if you don't you come into conflict. If you beat him in dirty fights and fill the obedience bar you capture him and own the karate school. Aio is the principal of the man school and generally attacks me at around the 8/5 mark. Same thing applies. Beat her and get her obedience and she'll become your sex slave. Once you capture someone, if you're unaware, go to the teach button and you can then have sex or get a blowjob from them (Pressing no when they ask if you want to have sex leads to the blowjob). I'm all about the ladies but I figured if there were any crazy cats into both sexes, just girls or dudes they should all be catered towards in this guide.

    Hope this helps people and if you need clarification or if something doesn't make sense feel free to message me.

    (Also if this is in the wrong section of the forums I apologise and any mod can move it to the appropriate place.)
  2. Osloq

    Osloq n00b

    Corrections and additions

    It's only been up for a little bit and already I'm having to post corrections to this monstrosity.


    My description of how to get Aoi is all wrong as I just found out. Basically you have to expand through all her territory until only the dojo remains. (This isn't confirmed but I don't think you need to capture the karate school before doing this [If anyone could test it without capturing the school and posting it up I'd be grateful]) Once only the dojo remains if you try to expand to get the last territory, your sister tells you that they're too powerful and you go to the next day so avoid doing that and save yourself a day to do busy work. All in all this last section of play will take about 5 days minimum so leave yourself at least 2 days breathing room (I can't remember when I started expanding but I think it was on the 22nd. There are 9 man dojo territories not counting the last base. If you did what I said in the original post and got 2-3 already then you obviously have 7-6 days to get the rest. THIS MEANS 7-6 PLUS THE 5 OTHER DAYS)


    What you have to do is click the recruiting button and there's some dialogue and then you get to choose if you want a part time job or not. Click yes, read through the dialogue if you wish (click if you don't) and then you get to a gambling mini game. You have 30000 yen and your opponent has 200000. Essentially what you have to do is bet if the dice is going to come up odds or even with a 10000 yen minimum bet (30000 max obviously). What I did was to just bet all 30000 on odds or evens and if I didn't get it then I'd reload the save. The rolls can be pretty unpredictable but I found generally that it was 2-3 of one and then 1 of the other. Bet only in 10000s because doing all the betting again is annoying as hell. You win double what you bet so if you play conservative you'll win easily and if you don't just reload the save and try again. Once you win he gives you a strain of bacteria and the day ends. Go to expand, click on the man dojo and your sister (who is a chemical weapon expert dontcha know?) has prepared a poison using the bacteria. I won't spoil what it does but you've then got to wait a day for it to work. Next day you automatically enter the man dojo, have relations and another day passes. You then get Aio and you can choose to have sex or not. Not sure what saying no does because I had to choose yes after chasing her for so long. If you do choose to give her one another day skips.

    I'm on the 30th day (2nd last day), I have the deputy director, the karate school leader (I thought you might have to get the karate school to get more allies, how wrong I was and didn't I pay for that mistake?) and Aoi. If you're interested my level is 32 and I think since 21 I've been 9-7 levels above Aoi so it was fairly easy to take her down. You can have a max of 42 students (there's no point seeing as there's no one left to fight but if you're interested that's the number). If you just want to get jiggy with your trainees then obviously save on one of the days you have left.

    I also meant to post the point system as far as I can tell but forgot about it so I'll do it here. This is operating under the assumption that a good roll is the ideal/normal roll.

    In Dead or Alive (Student Fight):
    Neutral: -30
    Bad: - 60

    This means if you are 7 levels above your enemy you literally cannot lose. This was tested against both leaders and it's confirmed.

    Dirty Fight (Fights that are dirty):
    Neutral: -30
    Bad: -60

    I'm not sure about these ones as I was more focused on the breakdown of my opponents but I think they are the same. However since you only improve your roll by 5 points and they are defending you can actually still lose some of the rolls. These moves show how much they cut off from the ideal roll (remove dress, funnily enough). These are all unconfirmed but they're pretty close as far as I could tell.

    Touch/Kiss: -10

    Whip/Knock: -30 (Knock might be easier but take it as the same thing because you'll be mainly using whip later on)

    Remove panties/Toys: -50 (As you can see that's a big difference, even if you're quite a few levels higher you can still lose to their highest roll. However those highest rolls are what I like to call crit roles because they break what the limit of what they should be able to do [ie level 21 Aio should be hitting at 310 but they go all the way up to 321] which aren't that frequent and generally if you repeat a good roll they won't get it again.)

    I mentioned up top already but just to clarify, 10 points per level in student fights and 5 in dirty fights.

    I can also confirm that she levels up per section of territory you take so by the end of the game she was level 25.

    Sorry for the mistakes but I posted up the guide just before I thought I was about to capture Aio. I'm new on these forums but if there's any way to edit the original post I'll just copy and paste this into or something. If it's really obvious where the edit button is, it's 2:30 AM here so I've got an excuse.

    Sorry for the epic length of both parts of this guide but I thought it better to write down everything I know rather than answering later.

    Anyway I wish you luck and hope this guide helps out.

    Os :)
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 16, 2009
  3. killbee

    killbee n00b

    Wow! A great walkthroughs! This game is pretty hard and never finished ... who knows, now with your tips I can do it! Thanks for the guide! ^^
  4. Osloq

    Osloq n00b

    No worries, I had to work it all out when I was going through it so it was no big deal to write down what I figured out. Hope it helps and if anyone needs something clarified let me know on this thread or via private message.
  5. BoyishRyu

    BoyishRyu n00b

    Can the blonde boy will turn into a sex slave? Because I can't find him in the love/teach icon.
  6. arnwerker

    arnwerker arnwerker


    you have to practice with him and defeat him.hit the talk button after you capture his sister.
  7. BoyishRyu

    BoyishRyu n00b

    Before or during or after 7/30 - 7/31?
  8. matthew9999

    matthew9999 n00b

    i am a level 9 and get attacked by aoi. how can i win
  9. cewjr0815

    cewjr0815 n00b

    You Cannot beat Aoi when you are level 9

    She is 15 and you are 9. It is virtually impossible to beat her. You probbaly made the same mistake I did my first time through. You tried to expand into her territory too early. oslog said that you can beat her if you are at level 12 and have at least 12 students. I did that. You will lose most of them, but if you are good on the mouse button and get enough wins before you run out of students you will win the round. However, you will never catch her in the capture round when you are 12 and she is 15. But, you and your dojo will survive to fight another day. Make sure you recruit right away after that, becasue she will come back after you and until you are several levels above her you will need extra students to defeat her crew.

    I would wait a little longer to expand into her area. Once you try, she is relentless.
  10. Tadpole

    Tadpole Guest

    Also like the man said, Train with the sister and Boy 2 times a day to build up your level. May help (Save often )
  11. alex13542

    alex13542 n00b

    nice walkthrough
  12. zerolegend000

    zerolegend000 n00b

    how do you get the practice ability with the blonde one.
  13. jdgray68

    jdgray68 n00b

    can't attack

    I tried to play this game, but when I went to train, I can't strip her, and attack, I can click on the buttons on the right, but mostly they tell me to remove clothes first. what am I doing wrong?
  14. jdgray68

    jdgray68 n00b

    I got it

    I figured it out, thanks.
  15. Mas14941

    Mas14941 n00b

    The blonde girl on the title screen

    I once was able to get the Blonde girl in the english version but i accidentally started a new game and couldnt figure out how to get her back. I remember distinctly that i got her from clicking the recruit button but i havent been able to get her again. can somebody please post how to get her for me?
  16. Xela

    Xela Guest

    Agressive Guide!

    Sadly it's a boy... Haruna's little brother. To get him you need to neglect what is written in the guide above and play aggressively.

    Some things you should know about the game before you play:

    Luck is a factor in this game so save often! That said, everything below is written with a normal luck in mind unless stated otherwise. You can really lucky and really unlucky in this game, speeding up or delaying the process.

    1 - "Dead Or Alive" fight.

    - You can win a fight without to much effort while lagging behind your opponent by two levels, provided you have more students.

    - You can beat you opponent at an equal level even if you have less students.

    - You can catch your opponent if you are 3 levels ahead.

    2 - "Dirty fight" fight

    - You can win being at the same level only if you get lucky.

    - You can practically "force" submission if you are 4 - 5 levels ahead of your opponent. 2 -3 levels being the sweet spot where it's both fun and challenging.

    - Taking off underwear is a waste of time, you can do all actions available after you take of the coat.

    - If you manage to get both dildos in, they will randomly activate giving girl an extra sensitivity boost after you preform a successful action.

    - Girls have four points for single exp bonuses: Lips/Breasts/Virgin/Anal Virgin. Guys have two: Lips/Anal Virgin.

    - You can control the level of your sister (You own level +1 is the max) by talking to her.

    Aggressive game should look something like this:

    Day 1:
    - Click on "Train" (Dirty Fighting), Undress, Kiss, Touch boobs, Break virginity (To get all bonuses) then try punching. Don't worry if you don't get her to submit, you need insane amount luck for that. You will be lvl.2 regardless if you get her to submit or not.

    - Click on "Expand". Attack the school, defeat the opponent *Haruna.

    Day 2:
    - Click on "Recruit". Get extra pupils.

    - Click on "Train". Do whatever you can, quit when low on health.

    - Click on "Expand". Attack the school, defeat the opponent.

    Day 3:
    - Click on "Recruit". Get extra pupils. If you are below 8 here, you may have trouble later.

    - Click on "Train". Do whatever you can, quit when low on health. *This should push you well over or at least at level 3. You can ask for a whip but it's not required.

    - Click on "Expand". Attack the school, defeat the opponent. lvl.5 vs lvl.3 is a tough setup but is almost easy if you have 10 pupils and is perfectly doable if you have 8. Anything below that and you will have to count on luck...

    Day 4:
    New cutscene in the morning. You get to meet Haruna's younger brother, Yuya. Agree to kiss him, that will push you to level 6 or just below level 6 depending on your performance to this point. He will pop up every now and again when you talk to your sister. You will also get control of some territory.

    - Click on "Recruit". Get extra pupils.

    - Click on "Train". Do whatever you can, quit when low on health. This should push you over level 6 if you are not already there.

    - Click on "Expand". Attack the school, defeat the opponent. Level 8 (And her Cap) against level 6 so same make sure you have more pupils then her. If this pace is to much for you, postpone the whole thing by one day but I've never had to do that.


    From here on day by day approach becomes troublesome as everyone is playing at their own pace, I prefer to race the game but others may want to stop and take a breather. From here on you can adjust your sister's level (I advise against doing that prior to this point), you should also get the whip and the dildo and then fall into the following routine:

    Every day you Recruit (If needed), Train and Expand...

    I will list the progress of the game, pace may be different but you will end up doing more or less the same thing.

    Training and fighting Haruno will get you a very good amount of Exp. You will also find her cornered to her school. From that point on you do not have to catch her, after the Dead Or Alive battle you will go to Dirty battle even if she escapes. Skip one Recruiting/Training session and confront her at full health. Get all bonuses, that should put your level above hers by 3 or 4. Then make her submit twice and she is your pupil.

    Now the "Boss" of the school appears (yey... more gay scenes :( ) His level cap is 12. You loose a good amount of territory. Now is also the time to get Whip, Dildo and Anal Dildo if you still have not got those. Keep talking to your sis until Yuya appears, get his Anal bonus, then get your sister's and Haruno's (Unless you covered that already) Anal bonuses and fall back to routine. You will either push your new opponent all the way to school or just get him to submit twice by catching him making all school's territory automatically yours. You should be around level 18 - 20 by the time you are done with him. And depending on your pace, 8th month is about to begin or has just begun.

    From here on you cannot attack school anymore as all of it is your territory. Break neutrality with Man's Dojo and engage Aoi. She will attack you around day 5 of 8th month but who wants to wait for that... This will be your easiest battles as you she is hopelessly outleveled. If you can get all four of her bonuses in the first fight, you will gain three more levels. Her level cap is 21. You cannot turn her into a student until you reach her Dojo, even if you catch and force her to submit her for two times.

    When only the Dojo is left, try recruiting. Instead of the usual you will be offered work and a minigame. The minigame is very basic, I win by betting everything and clicking on "odd" when I see the red "1" on the dice, but I am not even sure if that thing is timed or random. It is simply what works for me. After that go to the Dojo, poison them and sleep over it. Next day you can submit Aoi into becoming your pupil. You can also submit Yuya into becoming you pupil at any part of the game but that is not required.

    The best time I got was day 11 of 8th Month but I think it is possible to do even better as I had some misses and some bad luck. Day 14 -15 is easy if you follow this guide. Game is forced to an end at the beginning of 9th month. You will be asked if you want to skip to the ending after you gain control over all territory and have maxed out obedience of your students. Sometimes you will be asked just after you gain control of the territory but I am pretty sure that's a bug.
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  17. Xela

    Xela Guest

    Or I guess alternatively you can play really slow :roftl:

    By 7/31 you could be just as well kicking Aoi's butt in Dead Or Alive for extra experience whilst having Deputy and her bro as your students...

    EZEEKOOL n00b

    (18+) Boyish English Version Walkthrough

    My walkthrough is not as complete or explanatory as yours but its EVERYTHING done including the boy, feel fre to incorporate it if you like:

    Boyish English Version:
    Watch story get first BJ, recruit students (may get 1, 2, or 3) you want 3 but may not be able to get them all now.
    Sleep, if you didn’t get 3 last time, recruit again. If you have sufficient power left train.
    When training you must first remove the coat, once the coat has been removed try for maximum points (first by touching and getting special experiences such as: first phallatio, virgin areas, body stats, then kissing, then knocking each area). Then sleep. When you have gained a few levels you may be able to train more than once a day.
    Repeat training and sleeping until you reach Level 4. At level 4 talk before training, this will get you the whip (the whip is better than knocking, again use it on all areas for maximum points. This is a Save point.
    As your levels go up keep talking before training to get other items: Vaginal vibrator, anal vibrator, taser. Save after getting each.
    At this point the pink haired girl may try to attack your dojo. Defeat her BUT DO NOT CAPTURE HER.
    Continue training and leveling up until you are at least level 10.
    If you have not yet encountered her brother ,the straw haired boy, try expanding your dojo. Again, defeat the pink haired girl BUT DO NOT CAPTURE HER.
    After you have captured 2 or 3 dojos The straw haired boy will talk to you, accept his ofer and kiss him. He will join your dojo. MUCH LATER in the game, after you have captured his sister and she has submitted to you the boy will talk to you. You will be able to fight him and have sex with him.
    Continue expanding the school and capture the pink haired girl. At this point the black jaket guy will fight you. Beat him everytime, but you will not be able to capture him yet.
    Now expand to the Man School, Do your best to beat and capture the red haired girl.
    Attack the last Man School and you will be told that its too stronge, you must find another way. At this point everyone except the red haired girl should have been captured and have submitted. (sometime around now the straw haired boy should return for your TALK, don't be discouraged if he doesn't. He definately will eventually)
    Train all to maximize points and experiences, saving as many days as possable, at least 3.
    Go to recruit and you will be asked if you want a part time job, says yes.
    After work you will be given the chance to gamble. Win enough money to buy the poison.
    Attack the Man School again, it still won’t work but you will be given a plan to use the poison, say yes. The poison takes at least a day so go back and train or teach. When the poison has done its work the Man School, and the red haired girl, will be defeated. Have sex with her.
    If time remains you will be given the option of going to the last day or continuing. If you haven’t captured the straw haired boy by this time he will come to you now.
    Have fun with everyone until the days run out.
  19. Revrant

    Revrant n00b

    This is a great guide and all, but you are quite right, the game cheats like nothing else with rolls, giving them huge crits and deducting from your theoretical high in order to stifle you, it's really aggravating when you can't proceed because the game lands six crits in a row on an opponent's final guy and the game ends.

    So does anyone have a save for this, or perhaps the game semi-complete? I love the smut, but the game itself is atrocious.
  20. snakeslay444

    snakeslay444 n00b

    cedlew the

    I agree it does seem to cheat when you are within 4 levels of ur opponent but I found a way to cheat back (well more take advantage of but close) if u want to take the time u can power level early on then destroy them all after. You need to have the first dildo at least for this once u have it they day b4 u level use the whip on sisters crotch 2-3 times then get her to orgasm however u want just don't do damage (whipping/knocking) then if ur day is done save and sleep when u start the next day and start training dis-robe her then use the dildo on her and the other dildo if u have it thanks to the whipping the sensitivity should almost fill then u run and collect ur xp (4 most effective results have her between 5-7 levs below u any more then 7 and she'll orgasm) the reason u can use this to power lev is successful dis-robe takes 1hp fail takes 2hp same 4 the dildos so if u successfully dis-robe and dildo both it takes 3 hp then u run and collect around 15 xp on average save and repeat if she orgasm's just go to menu after bj then reload since it usually takes all ur hp. just dont forget to change her lev as u lev (I lev'd from 6 2 11 in one day while working this out) the best part is the more hp u have the more xp u can get p.s sry if this is long just dont do good explaining

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