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Can You have Good without Bad?

Discussion in 'Heaven' started by teh_wizi, Mar 13, 2008.

Can you have good without bad

  1. Yes you can

  2. No it's impossiable

  3. Not sure

  4. I don't wish to discuss this on the internet

  1. teh_wizi

    teh_wizi L33T1SH L33K!

    Well guys i am wanting to know your opions about the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Do you belive you can have good without bad?
    Do you think we should remove all the bad from this world?

    Love to here your thoughs!
  2. Dr. Nick

    Dr. Nick Dr. Doc

    no it's physically impossible there is no such thing as no "bad" i mean i hate to be negative nancy but its the truth
  3. RayneK

    RayneK I'a Cthulhu fhtagn

    Good and evil are abstract concepts in a world that lacks definition. But like a shadow, the concepts can't exist without the other: Good must have something to be compared against to define it as good. It's a very complex question lol
  4. Xi'an Spy

    Xi'an Spy n00b

    Darn it! I voted for "no" before I remembered about 'newspeak". In George Orwell's book 1984, there is no 'bad'. If you use 'newspeak,' you can only express yourself in differing degrees of 'good'. Some thing can be 'good', 'plus-good' or 'double plus-good'. To express the negative (bad) you simply say that it is "ungood", "plus-ungood" or "double plus-ungood".
    If we think in terms of Toaism rather than Judeo-Christianity, we will see that there is a little bit of the positive in all negatives and a little bit of negative in all positives. This is why (to use the Hindi word) the black side of the Ying-Yang symbol has a white spot in it and the white side has a black spot. Sorry... I'm getting a tad too phylosophical here...
    I was still thinking in terms of 'hot' is the opposite of 'cold', 'up' is the opposite of 'down and therefore, bad must be the opposite of good when I voted....See my sig for further clarification.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 14, 2008
  5. Scarrow

    Scarrow 2 beer or not 2 beer

    Without Bad there wouldn't be a good side don't u think?
    and vicaversa
  6. fuzzy

    fuzzy Fuzzeh Butt :3

    There are a few cases that you can only have good, but in most cases ther are pros and cons to everything. That is a concept that Democrats haven't seemed to get there heads around.
  7. im2ignorant2care

    im2ignorant2care Hersh's French Fry Pirate

    Is it possible? Yes, I believe so. But again, it is all relative. If you see me standing at Point A and close your eyes while I travel forwards all the way around the world, and come up 3 steps short of Point A, it may seem to you that I took 3 steps backwards, whereas to me, I took 3 steps shy of however many steps it takes to go around the world.

    But again, it's all about how you define terms, as well. "Good" sort've needs a contrast, as everything else in nature does. How would you know what a "good" action is, if there's no "anti-good" action to make you understand that the "good" action was in fact "good", and not just a "normal" action.

    So, I believe in conclusion, I'm willing to state that; Yes, you can have 'good' without 'evil'. But in the circumstance, you'd never be capable of understanding that there is 'good' being done.
  8. Hellmenace

    Hellmenace All luck no skill

    It's not whether can you have good without bad its what is good and bad. For example something thats good to one person may seem bad to another. This is one of those subjects where there is no definate answer, its the same sort of question as , which came first the chicken or the egg?
    Good and bad are never definate there are always changing with society, for example slave trade, a long time ago people wouldn't think twice about slave trade being bad but these days its a "bad" thing (which it is)
  9. kenny_mccormick

    kenny_mccormick Jeeziz!

    Well, I think that you can't have good without bad. The word 'good' and 'bad' is use to describe and they can't exist without the other because they are opposites. You can't distinguish what is good when there is no bad.... meh.... I'm bad at explaining, but I hope you guys get what I mean.;)
  10. Dark-Angel

    Dark-Angel Guest

    you cant have good without bad because they are oposite so if there was no good then there would be no oposite which is bad if u get wat i mean
  11. DarkStar

    DarkStar Banned

    without bad, good would be neutral
  12. I'd say you can't cause if bad doesn't exist, good is normal (not good), EDIT: darkstar it might seem that i quoted you, but i didnt read your post until after i posted mine.
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 27, 2008
  13. random-gurll

    random-gurll Nahh

    bad is the absence of good just like dark is the absence of light
  14. Razgriz31

    Razgriz31 n00b


    i think not cause for you to know good you have to know bad, so no you cant have good without bad, and for us to get rid of all the bad in the world then we have to make our self leave this earth because in a way we are all bad and cause pain to others in this world
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 7, 2008
  15. ssjreggie

    ssjreggie Monkey King

    the way i see things is that their is no such thing as Good or Evil that is something that got started a long time ago so some people can have a reason to do things in the name of God, the true enemy to humanity is himanity ego some people would do anything to fulfill their egos. humanity ego get's other people killed and start wars all in the name of Good and Evil
  16. jayleno

    jayleno Definetly Not A n00b!

    No, Its Totally IMPOSSIBLE To Hav Gd Withoot bad coz Everyone does lots of bad things in their life... I do Even!
  17. slaughter3

    slaughter3 Gross thats foreskin.

    it is totally impossible to not have good without bad because if there is bad then there is good because it is the opposite of bad which makes the good good because of the bad bad
  18. Zeusy

    Zeusy The Surreal Love Bastard

    i'm gonna put this in the least "Had To Much Weed" way as possible

    Its all a balancing actin I think
    You cannot have just good
    cuz when there is good
    someone is gonna rebel from that good
    and the rebeling is turned against the good, making them evil
    it like how u cannot have light with darkness
    Good cannot exist with out, cuz what are u being good about
    and uhh.... yeah
  19. wazza

    wazza Funny Dude

    it is impossible cos without bad there is no good
  20. Kyoujin

    Kyoujin Growls engraved over time

    no it is impossible, good and bad balance each other, like ying and yang, there is such thing as too much good, and too much bad, they both must exist to keep the universe from falling apart lolz, and make the world spin.

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