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Can You have Good without Bad?

Discussion in 'Heaven' started by teh_wizi, Mar 13, 2008.

Can you have good without bad

  1. Yes you can

  2. No it's impossiable

  3. Not sure

  4. I don't wish to discuss this on the internet

  1. DR.Smooth

    DR.Smooth AFK

    first of all youv got to define being good
  2. frankenfish

    frankenfish Computer Guru

    exactly. good and bad are extremely relative things.
  3. Wacko123

    Wacko123 Ave Alook at My bebo Prof

    Without bad their would be no good to stop the bad and is their even a so called "Good side" and "Bad side" like starwars The dark side and the light side the world is just to complicated 4 me
  4. lee-celticbhoy

    lee-celticbhoy Banned

    if there was no evil you couldnt be put down as good you would be nothin!!!!
  5. lee-celticbhoy

    lee-celticbhoy Banned

    then you would be able to got o heaven or hell yove not been good because of no evil and you cant go to hell well because there is no evil you would be floating around on earth as ghosts ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
  6. You sure???

    You sure??? n00b

    interesting point dont u think???

    b4 i say wot im gonna say plz leat me say this 1st b4 i say the other thing i want 2 say after i say this:
    most people rnt understanded well enough bcuz of their age...4 example if ur an 85 yr old peep goin out shoppin every mother will probably keep their children away from u bcuz they assume ur off ur rocker...and if ur say...my agae 11 then most people also under-rate u...just bcuz ur too old or too young 2 understand complex comparisons or in this case kinda a form of physics or philosophy...like if u had no bad 2 make an opposite then it wouldnt b good...it would just b if there is only good then there is no bad 2 make the good well...good so say badness doesnt exist u go 2 a shop and the till is open ofc u wouldnt take anything cuz bad doesnt exist so then if bad does exist like it does then u hav a choice of takin it or closin it...but its "CHOOSING" the right thing that makes it good not the actuall action so if ur in the world with no bad then its just the only choice isnt it??? if there wuz no bad the world would b perfect and there would b no death but still reproduction so the world would over-flock with all life-forms...but bcuz bad doesnt exist that couldnt happen...so the non-existence of bad and the need 4 something bad 2 happen would cancel eachother out leading 2 a non-existence...
    heres what i was going 2 say:
    no u cant have good without bad...
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 29, 2008
  7. greivous167

    greivous167 Im 12 not 9 -_-

    u sure that was way to damn long but i agree with i also agree with the other guy (forgot his or her name lol) that 1. the universe is screwed up 2.the universe will blow up with no bad 3. the universe will blow up with no good fur 2 reasons 1. no good 2. the evil people will work together until some dumass launchs a nuke at the core 3. the covenant will invede kill everything then all turn bad get really stoned then blow up (lol)
  8. StarwarsJunkie

    StarwarsJunkie Starwars Master


    like many have said before me, how do you define good if there is no bad to base it off? how do you define good or bad in the first place? Without something "bad" to judge off of, there is no "good". But this is all relative to the point of view. Someone's bad might be someone elses good...there is no possible way to preserve a world full of "good", human nature refuses to cooperate
  9. Nicholasdude

    Nicholasdude Banned

    don't know this is a pretty deep question
  10. rythwylder

    rythwylder Soul of Chaos

    Ah, gotta love philosophical questions like this. ^_^

    First off, you must realize that the concept of good and evil are not natural, but developed by man. There IS no good or evil in nature. Is it evil when a wolf kills a deer? No, because the wolf need the meat to survive. This act also provides sustenance for scavengers and decomposers, along with balancing the deer population. Every act in nature is an act of balance. Even acts that appear chaotic turn out to be a move towards some sort of balance in the long run.

    So, these concepts only relate to humanity. We use these concepts to define our Values and Norms. The concept of "Good" applies to following these values and norms, while the concept of "Evil" is applied to the breaking of the norms and values held by a society. We sit here and think of Good and Evil as solid, concrete factors in life, but in truth is is just a way to keep our society going. Those who follow the ways of the society are labeled Good, while those why break them are labeled Evil. Without Society, or even humanity, these concepts cease to exist.

    So no, you cannot have good without evil.

    (I know I didn't cover any religious aspects of this topic, but that is intentional. Everyone has their own religious faith, so any religious ties I make will be disputed by someone. I leave it to you to do studies and soul-searching to come upon the religious aspect of this topic on your own.)
  11. in order for good to exsist thier must be bad, if not then no one will know wat good realy is
  12. baibai130

    baibai130 Don't ask what that is.

    Good without bad is neutral. At least that's what I think.
  13. Crimson Grave

    Crimson Grave Ninja

    one cannot exist without the other...and our personal morals are what sets the bar for determining what is "good" and what is "bad."
  14. LolaBunny

    LolaBunny Best Thang youll eva meet

    Of course not. Because without the bad in life where would all the fun come in. Good is not always a good thing. It gets old after a while. Well it does to me anyway.:rolleyes1:
  15. MadMax86

    MadMax86 GT

    if there is no bad then all that's left is neutral.

    Good is supposed to be bad's opposite,
    so if you remove one you haven't got a comparement subject. :roftl:
  16. Rubylula

    Rubylula Like a mother bitch.

    It's impossible.
    To cut it short, you can't have one without the other.
  17. LAMAS

    LAMAS Ninja

    Who cares?

    The real question should be, Can you have ninjas without Pirates?

    And the answer is hell yes! Pirates suck.

    Back on topic, i believe that, no, without bad thier is no good..just ...well..neutral?
  18. mrmystic

    mrmystic MoreAkwardthanaJewateastr

    Well, if Pirates are = bad and Ninjas are = good, then, if you can have pirates without ninjas, by the transitive property you can have good without bad.
  19. Mr. Buttapple

    Mr. Buttapple Sell by Date, 9/01/2010

    Think of ying and yang, have you noticed that dot of the opposite colour in the middle of each one! that means that there is always bad in the heart of good or vice versa so obviously even if ying dissapeared and there was only yang there would still be evil though not alot ummmmmmmmm see what i mean? tell me because i dont see... :rcain:
  20. puckeruptb12

    puckeruptb12 n00b

    If everything was good then how would we know it was good, without some or somthing else being bad there would be no way to tell the difference.

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