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Can you help me finding a game?

Discussion in 'Need a help or have a request?' started by Demonprince, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Demonprince

    Demonprince Guest

    as u can read in the topic, im looking for a special game.
    It's a RPG, playing in a desert with many different smaller and bigger towns.
    If u arent in one of this towns, u are driving or walking with different cars & animals through the desert. U have to buy food, water, meds, gas and so on and, of course, when u are outside in the desert there are robbers and state patrols who want to attack u and kill u.
    Then, the sight swiths from a "map" to a battlefield, where all your troops (u must hire them in towns, and they have different stats, f.E. a sniper, a tank or a pretty fast one) and ur animals & cars are.
    For getting money, u can trade different goods to different prices in the town or u can attack robbers or state patrols.
    U can make the story mostly on ur own, and, as i played it last time, u are against the state and have to steal some documents from the capitol city. The last thin i've done was challenging the robber boss in his secret cave, hidden in the desert.

    Can u tell me the name of this really amazing game? I tried to find it in every archive here but maybe I am just too stupid..

    If u have more questions because u start remembering, please ask :)

    Big THX Demonprince
  2. Demonprince

    Demonprince Guest

    Sorry 4 Doublepost, didn't find EDIT button.

    The game is called "caravaneer" (google is really my friend)

  3. infamousD69

    infamousD69 n00b

    Finding a Game

    I can not seem to find a download for this game boyish. Can anyone tell me where the link is for it to play or download?

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