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cant post reviews

Discussion in 'Need a help or have a request?' started by Donzo Shadow Wolf, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Donzo Shadow Wolf

    Donzo Shadow Wolf Donzo Shadow Wolf

    hi.. i cant post reviews on the adult games page... i log in, refresh the page and it shows that i am logged in.. but when i go to post a review about the game it say "you must log in to post a review" or something like that... if ANYONE can help me, please message me...
  2. Foxlover4u

    Foxlover4u Hehe! Horny ALL the time!

    Can't post??

    Hi friend! Hey,I'm not sure but if ya is tryin to 'post' to a adult page and ya is only 17,that might be the problem? If I remember correctly(been a awhile since I've done this) I think ya play the adult games,but just cant post???? Or it could be a prob with that particular section of this site?? God,I'm sorry,tryin ta help,this ones slightly got me. Ya know ya could just come here to the forum section,look up a thread related to games and leave a post there? Kinda like ya did here. Sorry I couldn't be more help! :sad:
  3. aheetwobbemi

    aheetwobbemi n00b

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