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Castle Wars New Era

Discussion in 'Thread Games' started by anthillhole, Sep 14, 2021 at 4:44 AM.

  1. anthillhole

    anthillhole n00b

    Castle Wars New Era Controls:
    Player 1: WAD = move / jump, E = attack.
    Player 2: Arrows = move / jump, Space = attack

    Castle Wars New Era is an exciting platform action game for just two players with cote visuals, to play some fascinating challenges or protect your fort.

    Inside this cool online game with an old-style look, you are a courageous little main personality who has an individual purpose in life, which is protecting his fortress by all means necessary.

    Skeleton archers, dragons, zombies, and a lot of guns. Acquire ready for a massacre and try to make it through providing possible eradicating all the assailants before you lose your lives. Try out to set the best report possible or obstacle a pal to start learning on the same keyboard set.

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