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Computer Languages

Discussion in 'Programming Room' started by bbbgscott, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. RayneK

    RayneK I'a Cthulhu fhtagn

    Kinda the same as Drac (We were both in the same program lol).

    I'm good at HTML, not terrible at ASP, and can do VB.net if I have to.
  2. írishlad

    írishlad Guest

    I thought he was joking...
  3. Raze

    Raze Hmm...

  4. gwarhammer

    gwarhammer Cpt on the Ship of Fools

    I have to agree with the people suggesting C and C-drivative languages. I started there, teaching myself from the SAMS Teach Yourself in 24 Hours book - excellent for ground work. From my Uni course (I do CS) I know ADA, which is pretty similar to C anyway, but tends to be a lot stricter and easier to use in Linux.
    If you want to code for fun and not really get anywhere, I'd suggest lisp or scheme. Good fun, but the parentheses get confusing after a while.
  5. Guitar Fattie

    Guitar Fattie Grammar Whore

    Computer languages can be divided into two groups: high-level and low-level languages. High-level languages are designed to be easier to use, more abstract, and more portable than low-level languages. Syntactically correct programs in some languages are then compiled to low-level language and executed by the computer. Most modern software is written in a high-level language, compiled into object code, and then translated into machine instructions.
    Computer languages could also be grouped based on other criteria. Another distinction could be made between human-readable and non-human-readable languages. Human-readable languages are designed to be used directly by humans to communicate with the computer. Non-human-readable languages, though they can often be partially understandable, are designed to be more compact and easily processed, sacrificing readability to meet these ends.
    There we go.
  6. Nollog

    Nollog n00b

    I learned BASIC first, when I was about 11 or 12.
    Then when I got internet access I learned html js, and some web languages.
    ow I've learned C, Java, some C#, php, some asp, and some other languages that are escaping me at the moment.
    BASIC, I learned from small notebook that came with a "pre-computer powerpad" I got for christmas. Go Vtech. :p
    The rest, I learned from trying them out, looking at code, I very rarely use tutorials, but the odd time.

    Java's a dead language.
    And that sucks, because it's my favourite. It's just too slow for most things.
    You should learn C and C++.

    BASIC is fun. :D
    DarkBASIC is nice too, you can make 3d games and other programs with it fairly easily.
    Check it out.

    I'd say do C, then C++.
    There's not all that difference, but C would be kind of needed to learn C++ in some ways.
    C++ is the OO form of C, in a way...

    Yupp, ASM is a low-level language, whereas Java is high-level.
    ASM is fast and Godly, but Java is slow.
    Example of x86(intel) ASM:
    mov bx, 04H
    mul ax, bx
    (My ASM is rusty)
    Example of Java:
    int i = 4;
    int j = (i*j);
    That didn't really show it, but ASM is way more difficult. :p
  7. chrisrune314

    chrisrune314 www.Games2Need.net

    about 2 yrs ago, I joined an online game that uses Lua scripting. I like that, and its not too hard to learn. I still play for the scripting purposes, Try this:
    I play it and im learning, almost at a C++ level. : P
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 24, 2008
  8. Eagle Eye

    Eagle Eye Guest

    PSD = Photoshop Document
    Gif = moving inage
    Jpg = stationary image
    etc etc
  9. Asatru8585

    Asatru8585 bored now >.

    I had to learn C++ when i did some specialitys in the army.

    Never used it again though so no idea what i am going to do with it.
  10. gwarhammer

    gwarhammer Cpt on the Ship of Fools

    GIF = Graphics Interchange Format. Doesn't necessarily have animation. (But JPEGs can't, afaik)
  11. Raja

    Raja Guest

    computer language

    The term computer language includes a wide variety of languages used to communicate with computers. It is broader than the more commonly-used term programming language. Programming languages are a subset of computer languages. for more information visit my profile..webdesigninsalem.com
  12. zackclark1

    zackclark1 n00b

    computer language is very difficult because this is a code language but more language of computer interesting for example. html,php,etc
  13. peters8

    peters8 n00b


    You should got to some programming institute and learn programming.
  14. chsguxxssjj

    chsguxxssjj n00b

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  15. sexmaniak

    sexmaniak n00b


    dude start with lua its the most easyest language :thumb: so there are prgrams that use lua and games that use (i know these) lua half life half life 2 cs css garrysmod and lua is good for self teeching

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