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Corrupt a Wish (Revive)

Discussion in 'Thread Games' started by RebelingTheSystem, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Wish granted, but you find, too late, that it was your father who programmed them. Now, living with the guilt of causing your father pain for eternity, you slowly go insane, until one day, you go out and buy a gun, a rope, a box of pills, and commit suicide three times. You swallow the pills, jump of the chair with the noose around your neck, and shoot yourself in the head... Good for you!

    I wish everything went according to plan.
  2. PicklesTheCat

    PicklesTheCat Working and no fun >_

    wish granted, you find yourself writing your suicidal note and everything goes to plan

    i wish for funny games to get better :p
  3. wish granted, but it becomes so good that it catches mainstream attention. Better moderators begin flowing in and all the illegal content you love is gone, plus some of the more "exotic" groups, threads, topics, and games. All to make it more friendly to mainstream public. Yeah, it sucks all over again.

    I wish i could shoot different sauces out of my fingers. Like my middle finger shoots hot sauce, and my pinky finger shoots teriyaki sauce, and my thumb shoots barbecue sauce. FLAVOR FOR EVER!
  4. DutchLover

    DutchLover Big, Sweet and Cuddly

    Wish granted, now people constantly annoy you to get some sausce from you till you get abducted and put inside a machine so that a multi million coöparation can make money from you. You are locked up alone forever and can't even use your hands.

    I wish to know what to wish whithout it blowing up in my face.
  5. Zeusy

    Zeusy The Surreal Love Bastard

    Wish granted, Now your a boring piece of shit that nobody likes

    I dunno what to wish for, I wish for the next guy's wish to be also my wish :]
  6. FoxxyTina

    FoxxyTina A WHITE GIRL

    Wish granted except im a girl so now you feel stupid, I wish for all men to lose their penises! muhahaha
  7. Ftlulz

    Ftlulz Finally given up..

    All men lose their penises, but you get them all, now you have about 3.5 billion penises lol.
    Ehh what to wish for.... I wish that my minibar in my room would be restocked with alcohol, its currently very low...
  8. Sexslavekitty

    Sexslavekitty *pouts* done already?

    Wish granted but all the alcohol is replaced by rubbing alcohol

    I wish for... A cookie :D
  9. FoxxyTina

    FoxxyTina A WHITE GIRL

    Wish granted but someone put a razor blade in the cookie,
    I wish for all pedophiles to die!

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