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Creation vs. Evolution

Discussion in 'Intelligent Discussion' started by theguitarist, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. Monfang

    Monfang n00b

    you don't get it, I was DEAD! there was a hole in my chest. I was in the mourge. The next day, they pulled me out and I was whole again.
  2. Dr. Nick

    Dr. Nick Dr. Doc

  3. Chaossama

    Chaossama Just a user, literally


    Either that, or I need to salt you to move you to your eternal rest.
  4. Monfang

    Monfang n00b

    nah, I'm done. Getting back to topic, I still don't see evidence as this even being a scientific theory. You can't test it with the scientific method, so I can't look at it as scientific theory.

    Scientific method works like this. Question, Experiment, Conclude. For gravity, you would say, "Is there a force that binds objects to the earth?" The experiment would consist of trying to make objects stay in the air. At this time, you can't do that. So, yes, that force, gravity, is real.

    How do you do that with evolution? Toss a cat in the air until it grows wings? It'll sooner claw your face off then do that. You can point to old bones and similarities, but it won't hold up in an experiment. Believing in old bones makes you the same as someone believing in old books or bloody paper that might be from Jesus.

    You might point to a man who made the basic building blocks of life in a tube.. but was it life? No, they kept those things alive for years and they did nothing. So until someone can create some rapid evolving creature or something. I can't believe it.

    I felt God.. I never felt evolution...
  5. [zephyr]

    [zephyr] Neo-Maxi Zoom Dweebie

  6. TubaDude

    TubaDude Guest

    That method is used for experiments. The theory of evolution is based on evidence found in fossils and common descent. Evolution happens when an animal's chromosome is mutated when the baby is forming in the embryo stage of it's life. This mutation could either help, or most likely hinder the animal. But if it in fact does help the animal to survive, it has a chance to pass down this gene to it's offspring.

    Plate tectonics also come into play and there are fossils that support the theory of plate tectonics and evolution. They have tropical plant fossils in Antarctica. As they continents moved around the globe, certain species were isolated from each other, and over time, had to adapt to their enviorment which was slowly changing due to the continents shifting.

    Another piece of evidence is that they have found species that aren't even close to being related to eachother, but are adapted in the same way to a similar enviorment and even look very similar.

    There is more evidence but I feel that this is getting too long and I am tired of typing :B

    Sorry for the double post but now that I read some of the kinda recent posts I feel like adding more. It is just as Chaossama said. The down to the grit, most basic definition of evolution is change over time. That IS evolution. And the dogs or tigers and what not didn't evolve with us is because we had a bigger brain. There were species of humans that died out also you know. Wanna know why? They weren't as smart as our species. The species of humans that died out thousands of years ago were called neanderthals. Sounds familiar? That is what some people call people who are not as smart as them. So they died out. And we survived, and eventually we used our bigger brains and learned things. As for the animals not caring when one of them die, there are animals that care. There is a whole species of fox that mourn over their lovers death. Same with dogs and even cats. The animals that don't, you will find act mainly on instinct. And there were humans that acted like animals. Take a look back where there were harsh kings and tyrants. They treated human life like nothing. And you don't go down and simply rape a woman because of "animal rights" because we have the decency to do so. Humans in fact are animals. But we are educated and have the mind capacity to understand. We know right from wrong based on our own laws, how people feel about our actions, etc. We are an amazing race that are capable of so much. That is proof in itsself right there on how we evolved from primitive cavemen to the modern, educated man. Oh. And if you want proof of evolution happening in humans today, look at some people's wisdom teeth. Because we usually pull them out because it messes out other teeth up, and we have been doing it for a while now, some people don't even have wisdom teeth grow in. Animals don't only physically evolve. It is a mental thing as well.
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  7. Chaossama

    Chaossama Just a user, literally

    Heh, you'll find that logical reasoning is not a fundamental part of Christianity.
  8. the disciple

    the disciple not good=not the end

    I believe that god started of everything in 7 days but on the last eh couldnt be arsed and lazed around on his butt al day and that he sis her. HELL NO!!!!
    I dont believe thier si a god if there was how come abd things happen and also how did he get here? hmm.... good one eh?
    The Big Bang Theory is to complicated for me but i believe that there started of with one univers and a black hole oocured and sucked in all of that one and then tehre were tiny weeny little thingmabobs that wre obviously blind coz they hit each other and a big explosion occured thats sent all other of those tiny things to hit and all the Galaxys formed and then da planets and the big firey sun had some sort of big magnet in it or something like taht that pulled all planets to it. and then there were tiny cells taht evolved into sea animals taht then some mutated into land animals then we carrie don evolving into clever and still getting more cleverer today beings!!!
    phew... and thats that finaly lolz!
  9. frankenfish

    frankenfish Computer Guru

    can you verify that god exists with any available method?
  10. kerrod8

    kerrod8 I Better Find Your Heart.

    What ff said is right. How can you believe in creation when there is no solid evidence god exists?
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  12. alairellis23

    alairellis23 n00b

    To believe that the universe existed without a beginning requires more faith than I could muster. It would also violate the laws of Physics in that perpetual motion cannot exist as you cannot derive more energy from something than you put into it. That single law tells you that the universe must come to an end at some time.
  13. molaram 5

    molaram 5 n00b


    if their was a god why would he let war and pollotion happen

    i believe the universe was created around a black hole creating cog(center of gravity)
    and meteorites joine 2 make the planets life was created due 2 heat and stuff like that, evolution has been proved

    but there is a missing link between 2 animals:)
  14. Zeusy

    Zeusy The Surreal Love Bastard

    Big bang created Creationism :3
  15. Blackhawk

    Blackhawk Guest

    mmmm it seems that this thread is also in messing around and talking part. Just the titles are reversed.... so i posted on that one and i will post exactly the same thing on this one... Is that considered spam (sorry if it is, mods can always delete this post)

    Evolution all the way.

    Doesn't the bible say god created man in his own image - then why do we all look so different
    Also didn't god make eve from adams rib - if so does that make eve a lesser being.

    Sorry if my facts about the bible are wrong as i have never read one

    So i chose to believe in evolution - Far easier to believe that we came from a species of monkey (different from todays monkeys obviously we evolved and they didn't) than to believe that an all seeing mighty one created us and is now just watching us fuck everything up
  16. Syk3000

    Syk3000 n00b

    Just brilliant!
    Here it's all explained.
  17. Ftlulz

    Ftlulz Finally given up..

    Just to point out, evolution does no happen in a matter of days, it is the continuing of an adaption of a species that is beneficial to it's survival, it happens over generations, try reading into Charles Darwin and his finches, it shows that the finches which came from a common ancestor had each evolved in a different way to suit their environment as they were on different islands to each other.
    And now for my view on the topic :)
    My belief is that yes their is evolution, and I am unsure exactly of how the universe came to be, it is hard for me to think that their could not be a higher power at work at some stage of creation of the universe, as you have to think where did it all start from? But then their is the thought of how did that higher power come to be? It is my belief that we will never in our life times know how it all began, and if there is indeed a higher power
  18. sklobington

    sklobington Sir Sklobington

    i think evolution. 1) because we can actually see examples of it as apposed to not being able to see god 2) in the case of religion, how do we know someone didnt make it up for personal gain i.e being a prophet?

    one last thing: i thought these was rather befitting for this thread, dont you?[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  19. Captain Sarcastic

    Captain Sarcastic AKA, "Cap'n Satanic"

    I like it :D

    Yeah, Agreed, ACTUAL evidence would surely get any mind on it's side, right? *sigh* It depresses me to see the number of assholes in the world and all the clusterfucks in result :sad:
  20. avlisdxa

    avlisdxa Really Lazy Guy

    I just wish people would really stop making Science & Relgion out to hate each other, since, as someone who studies science & religion, I am told they are actually made to support each other explain things...
    I mean God gave us brain, He gave us science, thus we use it, to discover the truth behind His work.

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