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creative writing every week suggestion

Discussion in 'Comments and suggestions' started by yvonnnne, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. yvonnnne

    yvonnnne mystical

    I suggst that someone every week puts somewhere some theme and let people to coment it,say what they think about it,but nicely.It would be something like in newspapers,when some person tells her/his thinking of something.For example New year - what does someone think that it will brought to him/her and other people ,will it be good and so on...

    I don't know can I put this suggestion here.I read now somewhere else that I will be warned if I don't put this there.I'm so sorry.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 9, 2009
  2. mayhem man21

    mayhem man21 superior high lord genral

    gr8 idea

    i like this idea :p might it cause more spam?
  3. Charismatic_Caterpie

    Charismatic_Caterpie Professional Gamer

    It would only have as much spam as any of the other more intellectual and art-based threads and forums. I'd imagine it would fit well into the literature or general chat sub-forums, although it would work well if it were in its own, separate sub-forum branch in one of those two, with a dated thread for every week that there is a topic. I imagine near the end of the week, people could make suggestion threads as to the next weekly topic and then the majority would get to either vote or approve of the most popular topic.

    A well-rounded suggestion. Very nice.

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