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Dark Souls 2

Discussion in 'Xbox 360' started by Masterassassin54, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. Masterassassin54

    Masterassassin54 Bored, looking to Rp

    The only game I've ever heard to have 4 billion character deaths in 4 days feom the release date, not to mention the strnagest controls ever for a console base RPG. A game where your first boss is a giant, and you have no strength against unless you are lucky. Thousands rage, thousands make others rage, millions fall off cliffs, hundreds give, lets talk about it!
  2. Cosmic Star

    Cosmic Star Kik: _Anjanath

    The game is ridiculous! I will be getting it on PC tonight. I was "suppose" to get it like on release date but things happened.

    I played the first one and could NOT understand anything. Overall it is a raging type of game..but don't get me wrong it is fun.
  3. mage115

    mage115 pm me for roleplay x

    Yes! Has quickly become one of the best games I've played, I started with demon souls, then dark souls 1 and now Im struggling through dark souls 2 on the ps3 >_< My housemate has completed it 3 times though!
  4. Futa_whore

    Futa_whore Dead and no one shall...

    I've beaten it atleast 8 times and with everyone complaining about bosses in the begining, you don't have to fight the Last Giant. Just go fight Dragonrider. Either way this game is far easier than DKS1. My highest is 238 and it costs 200000 souls to level, in DKS1 at like level 100 it cost that much. Not to mention you get a hell of a lot more souls is DKS2. But none the less this is an amazing game. I love all 32 bosses even though some are rage filled. It's fun solo and with summons. Some things are the same but most is new and it makes it much better. But Dark 1 and Demon's Souls are still fun to go back to.
  5. krystalgirl69

    krystalgirl69 kik: Flashfire_

    Dark souls 2 doesn't really live up to the souls hype sadly. It is a great game. I have 100%. But it is lacking the atmosphere and connectivity that DsK1 had. The architecture in 2 is just so jack up its random assortment of levels from a center point that have no central theme. It took 1 and tried to mix it with demon souls . Which is still harder than both dark souls 1 & 2 *cough*Iron Spider*cough*.

    Dark souls is definitely going to the more casual gamer imo and with from software being bought out. I am very concerned for from future. And with blood borne being a PS4 only title and their bullshot (fake screenshot and graphic hype) and then not delivering. It just leaves the whole experience lackluster. The atmosphere is what made Dark souls 1. The lighting and texture possible could have engrained the atmosphere better in 2 than it currently is. This can be nodded with ENB to make it look amazing but still.
  6. orangevsrake

    orangevsrake Total Mass Retain

    Eh, call me a wimp, but I was never into those "So hard you wanna shoot yourself" games. I liked the environment of DS 1 but I didn't like the controls.
  7. bremond

    bremond n00b

    How about the Dark Souls 3? Anyone playing this game?

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