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Dead At Night

Discussion in 'Arts' started by Zeusy, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. Zeusy

    Zeusy The Surreal Love Bastard

    Driving Down The Roads.
    Angelwitch on the Radio.
    I stop By a Quiet Area in a woods.
    I open Me trunk.
    There Lies a MAd with a Bullet Hole in his Head.
    I Handled is Body Out of the Drunk of the car.
    I take a a shovel out of the back seat of Me Car.
    Dragging the Body and carry the shovel throught hte wood finding a good spot.
    a place with not alot of trees roots growing.
    A place where its not to Wide open.
    After about 10 minutes searching for the spot, I find the Ideal Place.
    Search the body or money and Jewlery.
    Found 50 bucks and 70 bucks of jewlery.
    As I Started digging the Bastards Grave,
    I heard a Faint Growing sound in the distance.
    "Fuckin, Eh THe Mob Don't Pay me Enough FOr this shit."
    After about 6 feet of digging, I throw the target into his umarked Grave.
    As I I was about halfway filing up the Bastard's Grave
    The growning so got louder, Getting Nervous I start fillin faster.
    I was done filling int he grave and I Hear grown Sound again.
    This Time I heard them near and with foot steps.
    THe Groaning Gets even louder, And It sounds like more than one person
    I Grab my gun.
    I See A Man, He's Limpin towards Me.
    He continued Towars me, I see Another.
    The Man Grabbed Me
    I Pushed him back, And Shot him a couple of time.
    The Moon Shined upon his Face.
    Half hs face was ripped off.
    "WHAT THE FUCK!!!"
    Finding myself Getting surrounded Start to run.
    Some of them start to run after me.
    I shot One of them in The Head
    I continue to run
    I reach the Road.
    They were Everywhere
    "What The Fuck is Going On?!?!?"
    One was on top of My Car.
    I shot At Him.
    Now In My Car.
    They were Piling on top my Car, Clawing On the Window.
    I Hit the Gas and SPed Out of there.
    Some were still on my car.
    I Swirve all over the road. Shake some off.
    Running over those Standing int he rode.
    Blood and guts all over the front of my car.
    Miles Upon Miles THese People On the Road.
    Soon One Body Jams the Wheel Of the Car.
    They Piled the Car again.
    I Got To Get the fuck Out of here.
    The Window starts the crack.
    I knew I had to Escape or Else Ger Attacked.
    I grabbed my Other gun From under the seat.
    Forced my way out the Car door.
    Many People with Decomposing bodies Every.
    I run Down the Road, Shoving the who ever gets in my Way.
    A woman Tackles Me to the Ground, I struggled a little
    I shot Her in the Temple.
    I Scramble to my Feet and continue running.
    I Find Myself At a Town Swarming With The Decomposing People.
    I Find Myself Surrounded.
    They Closing in.
    Dual Wielding my Guns
    Shooting down as much as i Can
    Its no Use.
    I'm Doomed.
    One Grabbed and Bit Down On My Arm
    Another Grabbed my Leg
    Another Bites DOwn On My Neck
    Two Rips Open My Rib Cage.
    I Scream in Pain.
    I See one Tear out my Kidney.
    Everything Moving in slow motion.
    Lasting thing I See Is The Bastard I burried Eating my Heart.
    Before Dying, I see the Sky, They Must've Ripped off My Head.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2010
  2. Angel of Game

    Angel of Game You want ban?

    Now that's a scary night. XD

    That's why shooting zombies are meaningless. You will just screwed up.
  3. Deadly shot

    Deadly shot The Offensive Type!


    Lol anyway, should of took the roundtrip road to hell. Much slower death.​
  4. squashy693

    squashy693 JReeve

    That was pretty sick, here haz the winz *gives Zeusy the winz*
  5. Ncio

    Ncio Epic

    Meh, don't like. This isn't my type of writing. Good job though.
  6. BZNaRdwKnX

    BZNaRdwKnX n00b

    nKHjX srE wppg

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