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DELL Alienware M18x Battery problem??

Discussion in 'Computer Help Room' started by mydoor, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. mydoor

    mydoor n00b


    I have an older Gateway MX6447 laptop. I have an interesting situation with the laptop charging light and the XP power indicator icon. The light on the front of the laptop shows that it is charging the battery. However, the icon just shows that it is on AC power. It will show charging, but only until it thinks the battery is 53%+/- full charge.

    I know that this machine does have a battery refresh utility. Should I just run that? Or, should I just go ahead and by another DELL Alienware M18x Battery ?

    I am not sure if this is related or not, but I have noticed at times that the battery charging light, will turn off and will eventually turn back on. Not flashing, per se with any frequency, but still turning on and off. Does this mean that my ac adapter maybe it at its life span as well?

  2. amilyalice

    amilyalice n00b


    please replace your laptop battery.
  3. A laptop battery begins to die the second it is made. It will slowly degrade, the process being sped up by things like overheating, extended use, cold temperatures, and sitting charges. No way to fix it, just buy a new one.

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