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Did you ever get detention in school?

Discussion in 'Messing around and talking' started by Rotom XD, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Angel of Game

    Angel of Game You want ban?

    Yes. For not doing my homework. My, I was so lazy if compared to me in this day.
  2. slaughter3

    slaughter3 Gross thats foreskin.

    I got detention today.
  3. reallyemma

    reallyemma ¿pɐǝɥ ɹn ɥʇıʍ uıop nɥɔʇɐʍ

    Right, so first years are not allowed down town during lunch time, but we all do it anyway. I got caught and got 2 detentions for Monday and Tuesday + On Wednesday for talking, and writing notes. + I have 3 notes in my journal, which means an after lunch detention (X3). (Well I got 4 notes, but 1 was saying " The 1st years will be learning about relationship and sexuality in P.D class :S).
    I would have gotten another detention, If my friend hadnt giving me a piece of her homework.

    Ugh, School is so boring. And Im finding it really hard to remember to bring my copies for class. :|

    Yeah, not going down town at lunch again.

    (A least until my notes settle down)

    My aim for this week: Getting no notes. D:
  4. Emprasoforvio

    Emprasoforvio n00b

    i got detention for writing my name on the wall, uhhh.. throwing a brick through the window... accidentally breaking a large brick.. (it fell on my foot :() uhhh Not listening to the teacher.. He was like.. clean that up.. and i was like.. IM GOING HOME :D... UHHHH not finishing my homework... staying home for 3 months... etc etc... i did a lot off stuff :p
  5. angel_babi

    angel_babi Aimee-Lee

    I have gotten detention for the stupidest things:
    Using my phone, talking in class and kissing my boyfriend.....
  6. Transparent_Shadow

    Transparent_Shadow Accept yourself. You don't have to prove shit. Staff Member Administratior Moderator

    I got a detention yesterday :|
  7. you smoke how old are you email me back the answer if you have a chance thanks
  8. naralyna

    naralyna i like COOKIES!

    I NEVER GOT DETENTION!:roftl: i am like the best student in the class and also the smartest... i think.:rolleyes1:
  9. the disciple

    the disciple not good=not the end

    Hell yeah!!! most is 1 every day for 2 weeks (after school)!! then in middle school missd all of break and lunch for a month!!!:sad::fmad: now its about once a week i got used to it!!!!!!:D
  10. 15/m&bored

    15/m&bored Banned

    i got detention for accidentaly pooping on my teachers face
  11. emmauksexy

    emmauksexy n00b


    :)i get detensions every day for stupid resons like talking, throwing things, and shouting at the teachers stuff like that
  12. Blackhawk

    Blackhawk Guest

    When i was at high school if you were late 3 times you got a detention

    I got 52 detentions in one year just for being late

    One teacher warned me in i was late the next day she was going to give me 5 detentions if i was late the next morning. So i walked into class 15 minutes late
    And another time a teacher was yelling at me in class and he said "When i tell you to jump you jump" so i jumped and got a detention

    I think i spent more time sitting in detention than i did in class :thumb:
  13. Rotom XD

    Rotom XD How's she cuttin'?!

    My friend aims to get as many notes as possible.

    He got 30 last year.

    This year he is aiming to get 3 notes from every teacher. He has 35 overall but now he's getting suspended for getting too many notes. (Wheeeeeeeeey!!)

    He's not in my class this year but the whole year knows about his staggering note count. He's in the slow people's class for slow people and I'm in the swot class for swots. Yes, count yourself lucky that your school doesn't stream classes after 1st year. :(

    Anyways I still haven't gotten detention yet, but my whole class nearly got it a few weeks back.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 24, 2011
  14. MarsGuy

    MarsGuy Slavetocake

    I'm quite the Good boy when it comes to school, but like..every week I get a detention for being late :D Oh yeah, and homework, I never do it, it's complete bullshit.. :321: I play fight alot with my friend which also gets me into additional trouble, but no detentions. I guess I'm the most angelic boy out of most of the people that have posted lol

    :guns: :pontiac:
  15. MarsGuy

    MarsGuy Slavetocake

    ahh that reminds me of a perverted teacher I know, he works in the Base (disabled area) we always spot him looking up and down on us and everyone else. :shocked: but the principles? Wowz..we always chew gum, for the fun of it, it's more awesome when you put it in your mouth just before class, or during, and you see how long you can chew it until the teacher spots you, I've been caught twice but only got 1 detention for it :D
  16. Violet7Ivy


    Quang onsemb

    Never had a detention in my entire life in school (now I can't because I am a college student). Had a few close calls with a stupid teacher who told me to get in my seat and gave me a warning for fast walking to it.

    Was threatened by the lady who held the detentions for being late to school because I overslept and she said that I had better not be late to any lates. So I replied saying she had nothing to worry about, that I am never late and she yelled at me saying I mouth off'd to her and made me say yes Ms. (Insert Name Here). I wanted to rip her head off!
  17. warbasherz

    warbasherz Banned

    Good times haha,
    Been so long since high school, well to me anyway :D
    I used to get a fair bit of Detentions mainly for not doing hw but for others as well like having a clay fight in our art class, ahhhh good times good times.
    But the teachers always missed the ones where we had bung fights in our classroom, good old science labs haha.
  18. arctictiger22

    arctictiger22 n00b

    i never got detention in high school. based on my actions during those four years, on the other hand, i probably should have gotten at least two and a half months total. why i didn't; even i don't know the answer to that. :coolgleam:
  19. Kenichi

    Kenichi Epicness

    I get detention loads. :/
    I hardly go to them though, since our form tutor is soft as shit and doesn't care if we go or not! :D
  20. lead118

    lead118 Guest

    In middle school, I got in school suspension once for calling some kid making fun of me a son of a bitch. There was a special room for ISS, and it was all quiet, and I got a ton of work done, and it was awesome.

    In high school, I got detention twice for being late to classes, and I had to pick up trash around the school like I was on a goddamned chain gang.

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