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do u fink girls hav clothes in heaven?

Discussion in 'Heaven' started by andymabb13, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. skbj329

    skbj329 n00b

    I consider With heaven no one dons clothing. After God mean Adam and also Eve they remained naked right up until they will grabed an apple in the woods associated with advice. It was there that they really fell mistake for his or her nudity and then handled off themselves.
  2. Easy Thighs

    Easy Thighs Verbal Masseuse

    I think we'd wear SOME clothes... But not a lot. No-one would be prepared for cold weather, put it that way
  3. ShadowMcloud23

    ShadowMcloud23 Krystal's "buddy"

    Simple. To the point. True. Also, dose it matter if they do or don't? Lust is a sin and therefore can not be preformed in heaven. So your SOL peados.

    This thread is sad...:sad:
  4. thatonegirl101

    thatonegirl101 hello:)

    I think that everyone would have on some form of clothing because of assholes who say they hope heaven had weight watchers, although they were trying to make a funny it really just made them seem stupid in my eyes...Also why was the question only speaking of "girls" what about men? Do you think that God would say,"All Men shall cover their their junk,but you ladies over there, take off your close and show me your tits!" I really doubt that...just saying.

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