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Do you believe in God?

Discussion in 'Heaven' started by Iron Man123, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. Iron Man123

    Iron Man123 n00b

    I do and I think heven will be great and I do not wat to go to hell.:)
  2. mrmystic

    mrmystic MoreAkwardthanaJewateastr

    Do you believe in the "search" button?
  3. wazza

    wazza Funny Dude

    no i don't belive in god ! I'm athiest !
  4. bwood74

    bwood74 Defqon.1 FTW!!

    What he said ^^^.

    What he said ^^^.
  5. mankind777

    mankind777 n00b

    yeah i do believe in good
  6. well im one of those people who doesnt believe in a religion but if i did i think to myself why is there suffering?
  7. Kyoujin

    Kyoujin Growls engraved over time


    We don't have room for this site for threads like these, they are utterly pointless, its like asking someone "Are you a boy or girl?"

    Anyways, so I don't appear as mini-modding, I don't because I'm Atheist

    Ba Bye XP
  8. frankenfish

    frankenfish Computer Guru

    i hope there is no god or heaven

    Heaven: An eternal inescapable North Korea where all we do is stand around and praise Dear Leader until the end of time. Where the only form of entertainment is looking over the edge and seeing the people burning in hell. No thank you.
  9. The Alaskan Firedragon

    The Alaskan Firedragon Stupid Boy Whore

    I would Lol. Because all the atheists would die.
    Some of them are way more pushy than J. Witnesses and Mormons. So it reaally pisses me off when they're all like 'HAH, no god 4 you! YOU WASTED YOUR LIFE!!'
  10. cheatmaster999

    cheatmaster999 roblox master

    god is so real and i wanna go to heavan i heard it can be anything u want it to be.i want it to be lego world :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  11. .

    God aint real it's a load of bull oh and plus we don't have souls or anything our brain makes our decissions for us not our heart not our soul not our conscience or our so called GOD so for any of you who haven't already guessed i am an atheist
  12. frankenfish

    frankenfish Computer Guru

    i think your right about god but the other things like conscience you will discover are very real.
  13. Chaossama

    Chaossama Just a user, literally

    I personally don't believe in a God, simply because, I'd rather not be ruled by fear. I will not fear a mythical conception of a burning afterlife made so that I would believe, I will not believe that a supposedly loving God could not accept even those that would sin as Christians say he knows all things and thus would know every sin we do. How could he then be a loving God, if he knowingly pushes people into a eternity of torture (and I say eternity because there I have heard NO mention that you're in there for a 1000 years or 2000 years or 2 days, etc).

    Epicurus said it most succinctly:
    “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
    Then he is not omnipotent.
    Is he able, but not willing?
    Then he is malevolent.
    Is he both able and willing?
    Then whence cometh evil?
    Is he neither able nor willing?
    Then why call him God?”

    I cannot accept a God who knowingly allows evil into the world and yet does nothing about it. Not everyone is of the privileged, where is their help? Not everyone can make the right decisions, what happens to them after they die?

    I don't believe in a God because to do so would allow me that 'get-free' card that Christians seem to wave in our faces in times or trouble, in times of great happiness. I prefer to think that I am a simple person, who lives his life out knowing that I myself am responsible for my own actions and not ones driven by a wanting for paradise or fear of a burning hell, but simply to be content in myself.

    Last thing, that I just thought up: How can you be happy in a Heaven, knowing that there are people who suffer? Could you truly say that they deserve it? For example, I'm pretty sure the Bible says that if you do not believe in the Holy Spirit, you will automatically go to Hell, no matter what things you do with your life. Could you truly sit back and watch as someone who simply believed differently but had a good life was consigned to eternal torture? If so, no comment....

    NOTE: Please, don't take this as telling you what you should believe, this is my own opinion. Whoever shares it is welcome to it. I write this because I note that I might have looked to be a bit preachy.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 16, 2009
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  14. big jock knew

    big jock knew n00b

    No , i dont believe in hocus-pocus
  15. sMiLeAnDiE:)

    sMiLeAnDiE:) n00b

    Of course I believe in god he rocks so all you ghandi praisers out there can burn in hell and do it with George Bush every day=P BTW I have a Nerdy friend called mike who LOVES star wars and believes in star wars heaven and praises yoda every night but when im up in heaving watching down on thee he will attempt commiting suicide with a lightsaber HAHA MIKE........................................................HAHA
  16. Chaossama

    Chaossama Just a user, literally

    Right, people like this make me believe that the argument is not even worth it, as these Christian zealots make absolutely NO sense. Good lord, where is the education, the spelling, the grammar for someone's sake?! If all we have are 4 year olds, then hell, this might be too advanced of a topic for them.
  17. Rubylula

    Rubylula Like a mother bitch.

    Where have you been all my life? xD
    It's pretty much Blackmail of Jesus' behalf.
    Worship me, I'm the son of God, or go to hell.
    I don't care about God and all that religious-y stuff... Not really agnostic, but I just hate any religion started by a prophet, and a "chosen one".
  18. Chaossama

    Chaossama Just a user, literally

    Glad to see someone agrees at least. ;), And I'm totally with you in terms of the prophet and chosen one. When someone starts saying they're a prophet or such, it starts ringing bells in my head, because that 'prophet' could easily have pulled it out of his or her ass and be done with it. No offense to those that might support it, but it's been said that Mormonism and Scientology were started that way and honestly, it looks more and more like a fraud the closer you look at them....

    The only 'religion' that I don't think does this is Wicca......hmmm......
  19. BulletSponge

    BulletSponge Bored with this site

    Religion is a good thing. It helps people find solid ground when their world has been absolutely shattered and it helps explain things that fly in the face of science and logic. But people must enhance their spirituality on their own because the institutions that teach faith have failed miserably. While priest are still raping people, clerics are still telling people to drive a car laden with explosives into a humvee, rabbis are still preaching hatred and animosity, I will not donate a single cent to those places of worhship. And for those of you die hard, aetheist who enjoy shouting from a mountaintop (or a forum) that god is a hoax and similar things consider this.
    1)Has there ever been a time in your life when you prayed?
    2)EVERYONE will pray given the right circumstances
    3)Prayer allows people to ask for help when they are in a really really dark place

    *note: I'm not saying aetheism is bad, everyone has the right to believe what they want. What I think is bad is going around proclaiming that there is no God, that makes you no different than a Bible/Quran/Torra Thumper. There is a very small grey zone between expressing your beliefs to being a total jackoff-a-saurus. Be mindful of which side you are on.
    Just my $0.02
  20. SarahPalin

    SarahPalin Viva los Devo

    First off, you should know that George W Bush believes in God. So, by Jesus' standards, I guess he should go to Heaven.

    I'm atheist. I hate it when people tell me that what I do is God's will. I am responsible for my actions, good or bad, and I ain't doing it because some dude in the sky told me to. I have my own identity.

    I think that religion is for people without imagination. It explains everything with one statement: God did it.

    ...when religious people can;t explain something THAT easily they just say, "God works in mysterious ways."

    Time to burn in hell.

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