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Do you believe in God?

Discussion in 'Heaven' started by Iron Man123, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. fgplayer

    fgplayer ;3

    Yeah I believe in God, but I don't think he controls everything we do.
  2. Naughty-Girl

    Naughty-Girl xX Lost in the Moment Xx

    Do I believe in God?

    No, but it would be reassuring if I did. It would be nice knowing someone out there is watching over the human race, yet in my opinion we are all alone.

    I'm Atheist.
  3. racing boy

    racing boy Guest

    No,i don't believe in god.
    Poratatil 2009.jpg
  4. slayer52

    slayer52 saiyan

    I know God is real, because he has helped me in life. I want to be in heaven more than anything else
  5. Brainiac 5

    Brainiac 5 hot streak

    Of course there's a God. Just depends on which one.

    And I so agree with slayer52 if you're talking about the god I think you are.
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  6. imscary2

    imscary2 el jeffe

    yes i do

    wanna fight about it?

    then go join the talaban
  7. iMaaiioww

    iMaaiioww iHugSpoons ^-^;

    No.. i dont Belive in God,

    He dont make you belive in him, and He dont Punish you if you dont . So ^-^
  8. gamer20155

    gamer20155 DEBOOOED!!!!

    I am christian, I believe in somewhat of a god "figure". Like Chaosamma is saying about the text "obey me or go to hell" I believe theres somewhat truth in that why a "holy spirit" would be so ruthless, but theres texts in the bible of Gods son Jesus where he speaks of "listen to me if you peace within your selves" and "I do not judge". So i guess there could be some rights and wrongs to lead to not believing, but anyways there always a simple chance of there being a heaven and there jus being a steep hole for us to die in. Well obviously I like the heaven judgement better than believing in that "Oh im jus gonna be in a black hole when I die"
  9. Sarathequeen

    Sarathequeen n00b

    whats the point of this thread..?
  10. weirdoperson

    weirdoperson poos + wees = choc cheese

    im an atheist, but im not gonna go yelling at other people just because they beleive something different to me and i really hate it when i see other people doin that because all they're tryin to do is make people feel bad for what they beleive in
  11. evilmonkey 123

    evilmonkey 123 pasta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    no i dont im an athiest

    in the bible it says there was nothing in the begining but if there was nothing how was god there to create the universe then awnser that :fmad:

    how can u prove it if u can prove it 2 us
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  12. Saintnight

    Saintnight Banned

    How can you disprove him? Oh wait, you can't, so thats a crappy arguement. -.-
    If your an Athiest, I can respect that. Personally, I believe in God.
    As with percentage, only 16% of the planet IS Non-Religious.
    In accordance with what you just said, wouldn't it make more sense if you were Agnostic rather than Athiest?
  13. TubaDude

    TubaDude Guest

    Well... I can/kinda/can't/make sense of it :D(All these based on perspective?) But yeah... It's an effing god. He/she is a higher power. It can do WHATEVER it wants.. I am personally Agnostic. I believe that there must be some higher power that created this universe/multiverse/parallel place thing! And you kinda have to assume that when it says "there was nothing", I'm pretty sure it means there was nothing besides it :x.

    I'm tolerant on religion until it comes to extremists. I have no tolerance when it comes to these people. Like this dude yesterday apparently hijacked a plane with 4 other followers with him. He believes that 9/9/09 is the same as 6/6/06. Just simply upside down. Well what he did was hijack a plane and claimed that there was a bomb on it and crap like that. Had hostages. You know. The usual terrorist crap~. He did all of that only to speak with the president of Mexico to "explain" to him that catastrophese were at hand.

    Well.... it's past 9/9/09 and 6/6/06 and seems to me like we are all alive. And damn I went way off topic with this. I'm done :x
  14. walker90234

    walker90234 wooogit whooo stinky pooo

    :rtfm: i am a deist. i do not believe in any of the gods ect from any of the religions of earth because they don't have any solid concrete evidence to show their validity. yes, some may say the bible is evidence enough, but it is one book, which could have all been thought up by one raandom crazy man/fraud.
    some may say i have no evidence to disprove god, but on the contrary, even if i don't hhave evidence it is more liley that something without evidence is untrue than true. faith is an illusion. religion has caused almost every war in the world and is probably one of mans worst inventions.

    the problem with christianity is that if even if you are the kindest, goodest person in all of the world, and you do everything you can to help others, if you do not believe in god you will spend an eternity in hell. also, if you are a man like hitler, but you go to church every saturday, then even though you commited genocide, you will spend an eternity in bliss. how can heaven be heaven with all the evil people in the world there. what about people who caused wars because they were in conflict with another, and they both go to heaven. what about one who thinks all jews/blackpeople/asians ect should suffer and goes around making it his job to do so?
    heaven, a place where all is perfect is fisically impossible.

    also, once you are there, what is the point in continuing? you have reached a perfect place, and you are unable to better anything in any way any more. with no challenge in existence, what is the point in existing. :rtfm::bann::spam::fmad:

    also, hell is a bad concept, as it is basically a threat, and threat is sin. sin is something god (eg, perfection) is incappable of doing, but that is what he is doing, he is condeming those who don't believe in him. condemnation is a sin, and how can a perfect being sin?

    God in himself is a contradiction. he contradicts much in life, and he contradicts his own existence. contradictions do not exist. if you look at a situation, contradictions are not possible, and can not be real. the bible contradicts itself in many parts, to mention one the death of judas, there are two different stories inn the bible on how jjudas died, and they could not both have happened.

    go on, i dare anyone, please argue against me, for i will find it fun to try and pick your argument to pieeces (what, dont look at me like that, i do it all the time in RS and philosophy, nd its more fun than anything!):321:
  15. By Reason of Insanity

    By Reason of Insanity I accidently your post

    I have often poundered the meaning of why we are here and how did we get here.

    one answer to this is the bible and stories of jesus etc. The only problem i find is that there are many many religions out there that differ a lot from one to another. I have no problem if your heavily into your religon or strongly agaisnt it. In the end I do think we all end up in the same boat.

    Personaly, I think that the term "God" was created to stop us from going postal and destorying our societies. The lessons and morals that the Bible and other books of that nature keep us in check and guide us through times of uncertainty.

    As for me you ask? To put it shortly, If there is a God and he does deciede to show up on my doorstep at 3 in the morning with a basket of forgiveness cookies, then maybe just maybe will I forgive him for all the tragedies and dark times He or She has falied to stop.

    With that said I respect anyones devotion and beilefs and hope they find what they are looking for in life.
  16. garethf23

    garethf23 n00b

    Somethings to ponder

    I think that the wierd thing about the bible is that the church talk about it to everyone but really it should come with a warning on it as it may be scary for small children with all the executions, wars, plagues/famine and people murdering each other don't you think?

    Also if Adam and Eve where the first people on earth that means that every one is related that means that the whole world is in a state of incest

    Also I do not belive in god but i do belive there is more to life than what we see
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 14, 2009
  17. MisaAmane1122

    MisaAmane1122 n00b


    im Catholic but i believe in Kira not God

    Kira is our savior

    Kira is our God

    Kira will rise again
  18. frankenfish

    frankenfish Computer Guru

    as it stands now scientists believe that we are all at least 1/50th cousins.
  19. BSer16

    BSer16 n00b

    The Angel Theory.

    True:Adam and Eve were the first "people" on earth...but, the angels were cast out of heaven first. That used to be the standard explaination but it was too hard to swallow, so everyone went to the incest explaination.

    Another nail in the coffin on the incest: the bible says Seth and Cain went out into the world and came back to the Garden with families.
  20. TubaDude

    TubaDude Guest

    Okay then! First of all religion is guidance. You are just a plain ass if you haul off and say that it is some illusion. Even if it is, it is all for the sake of being a good moral person and for guidance when you don't know what else to do in a dire situation.

    Religion is a good thing most of the time. Any wars or anything about religion were probably waged by screwed up kings using it as a excuse to get the publics support to take over the land for wealth.

    And about the whole Chritianity saying you absolutly have to go to church to go to heaven, there are other denominations of christianity as well as pretty much every other religion in this world. You are thinking of it way too vaguely.

    And about the existence thing. The point of existing is to exist. We humans have gotten to the point to where we don't really have to survive. I can prove that because I am sitting here in my bed blogging about something that doesn't even need to be discussed. Same with you. If we don't really need to survive anymore than what is our purpose now? Get a job? Raise a family? Maybe repopulating? Repopulating is an instinct. Same with raising a family I guess. But jobs and money and things like that are all human made and therefor completely not needed to survive as a whole.

    And about those threats of going to hell. I like to think of it more as a warning. A threat in a way is a warning isn't it? If you do this i'll do that. Basically, that is what it is I guess.

    And about the condemnation, god is condemning the sins. And not believing in him is a sin(duh?). Same would go for any other sins that he condemns. I actually went on Ask.com for that.

    I don't know if I missed anything. But please reply. You said you would after all :)

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