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Dol (RP)

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by Bittersweet, May 1, 2010.

  1. Bittersweet

    Bittersweet VOOOOOOOOII!

    Note : I did this for fun, no good reason why the name is "Dol" It just is, for interest. But I might add a twist later on, So enjoy the story so far, and I would advise you to at least read the starter story, if not the other people's posts. Any people who spams or creates fake usage of other people's "person" shall be badly ignored by me and possibly killed within role play.

    (Sorry if I copied something from a certain (w/e) If I did)

    Main Story : You were a well healthy (Age) year-old (F/M)
    in a nice town off the coast of California. No one knew how this happened until it all came alive. Local connections were cut, outside contact was forbidden. We were locked in with these monsters, forced to survive on our own. With the little materials we had. The end came to this, the toughest survived, the weak lost and turned to them. It became normal to see your best bud once you woke up on the floor, twitching. Then at night, you'd have to put shotgun shells straight into his plump mutant brain.
    This is your story, of how you lived through this nightmare.

    Notes : No God, Realistic (No Weapons popping out from your butt) Don't make a dozen posts with 1 sentence, try to get at least a paragraph or a good amount of typing.

    What you need :
    Name :
    Age :
    Sex :
    Personality & Looks :
    (One Main & One Melee) Weapons :
    [You can make it so that you find weapons later on but like I said, no GOD, so no rocket launchers, You can say you got into an army (yada yada yada) And got one but, Realistic Please]

    Let's begin with my story,

    Name : Hana "Dol"
    Age : 23 (And as of the next story her B-day is gonna pass)
    Sex : (From my other post you know) It's a She
    Personality : She likes getting her way, like most people. But when she rarely wants to, she ends up helping everyone.
    Looks : average length (To shoulders) messy pink hair with a mix of blue highlights in the front
    Weapons : Desert Eagle ( 50 Shots [Duh she got a gun, How she gonna shoot someone in the heart?!])
    and a wrench left behind by airplane maintenance.

    Flies buzzed around my face and the stench of corpses wafted into my nose. I'd always wondered how we managed to survive in this hell hole, but the answer seemed to spread to a million possibilities when I would actually think about it.

    I opened my eyes, still drowsy from sleeping. I groaned and stood up, ending with a bad bump on my head, I opened the flap to my tent. Dozens of bodies laid on the ground, so badly hurt I couldn't tell the mutants from my own men. The annoying part was we had to touch the mutant's bodies and drag them to the forest, where at day they would play dead. But at night surprisingly "woke up" and started raids.

    It had been weeks before I actually got a good night' sleep, and how I longed for this to be a dream. I'd wake up and slap myself silly for thinking these thoughts. But it wasn't a dream, It was all real. And I was stuck right smack dab in the middle of all of it, some may say I was the cause, They said I was the army's dog. The day I got the virus shipment was the day I first screwed up.

    It started back at the loading dock, My co-pilot was a junior on his first day out of flight training, I figured I trusted him enough. But I shouldn't have. I was assigned to check up on the contained parts every few hours, to fix leaks or any abnormal things in it. The bad part was I had to choose between my co-pilot checking the container or have him take over, he looked twitchy so I ended up sending him down the the loading area where the package laid, untouched.

    Apparently there WAS a leak and not being informed correctly, he made contact with the liquid bomb, made for wiping out populations. It was dangerous and at this time I was soaring over my sweet home in Cali, but by then the sun had set and we were lowering for the landing, then it started. I heard my co-pilot's footsteps behind me, I shouted back to him,

    "Hey! Look out the window, Dave!" His name was Dave, Though I hadn't used it, It had a nice feeling saying someone's name for once besides the regular, Captain and Officer, "It's my sweet home in Cali!" By then I heard the growling, I swiveled around, blood dripping from him mouth, Dave charged at me, and grabbed the nearest weapon near me, I aimed it at him. And shot him in the heart . . .

    To Be Continued . . . . .
  2. Simsy

    Simsy Guest


    Hey Dol.. This roleplay is gay

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